Seed Germination


Hay fellas, I got 3 seeds over here looking pretty sad? Any suggestions I f*^+*d them up a bit.


What are your temps? Distance from lights? Type of lighting? Domed?

Soil looks very wet. It should not be.


around 20 degrees. Yes I f@&$*d them over by picking them out and turning them around They been my first seeds. I let them germinate in the dark and now put them under some normal desk light nothing to speacil. Yes i doomed them, the leaves been in the soil. I feel so bad for them man.
Thanks for the reply


Hey @Verdant I know you’re new, but if you could refrain from posting profanities that would be much appreciated. :wink::v::bear:

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I agree, looks really wet. Try to get some light airflow on them, just a light breeze, and it might help them perk up.


oh sorry mate, didnt know that i wont do it again. Sometimes the kid is coming out of me


okay will do it righ away


They may survive. I would suggest some airflow over them today to help dry out some of the soil then tomorrow put a dome over them and only spray mist the dome. What you are looking for is in two weeks or so the first round leaves will start to yellow which is your cue to plant into their soil final home.


is putting on a hot desk lamp on them also a good idea to dry out the soil?


Better to let airflow do it now. I would hate to cook them. Just keep an eye out and if you have to leave them put a clear dome over them so that they don’t get too dry.


Next day

I put a plastic done over it


Be sure to mist the inside of the dome to increase humidity. Remember that the seedling gets almost all of it’s water from the air through the leaves at this point in it’s life. A little moisture in the starter soil is good but too wet will cause damping off issues and later on root rot.


The two nearest and the two in the middle all look hopeful to me. @Myfriendis410 has you covered :+1:


@Myfriendis410 hes a blessing mate


okay mate is noted on my forhead


Yo @Myfriendis410
Since you helped me so much and gave me faith I wanted to give you a pic how they look now.
I think they make a pretty good look I gave them some water and let some water be under the pot so the humidity rises as the pot heathens up

Thank you so much again


Its likes like you may still have 4 in the running


Cool, im excited for 2moro. Let’s see if they pop up


Looks like you have some sprouts! Stay away from any nutrients until after transplanting and if you go into soil don’t give em anything but water. You can use straight distilled water in a pinch without having to PH it FYI. No solids to drive the PH.


I will tell my girls some nice guy on the a forum saved their lives:)