Seed Germination


Strain; Type, - AK47
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? – Rapid grow pod
System type? – pod in dish with ¼” tap water
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? – pH water 5 – 6 (tap water). Same water previously allowed 2 seeds to sprout
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS – NONE at this point
Indoor or Outdoor – Indoor by window + Grow light
Light system, size? - Single grow light for 1 pod
Temps; Day, Night – Maintaining 70 78F
Humidity; Day, Night – Not measured, but have dish of water below dish with pod to increase humidity
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size – have no active ventilation, but plastic loosely hung around pod area with no top cover to allow oxygen and carbon dioxide in/out
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, - None in use. Inside in San Francisco Bay area. Thermostat outside room in hall reads 50% RH
Co2; Yes, No – not measured
Previously been successful in getting germination and just had problems after so now trying better controls. Been about 7 days and no germination.


Situation with germination


Have any suggestions? When I grew in college it seemed like I could just through the seed in some soil and it grew. My first 2 seed sprouted, but I think it got too cold for them and died. Now I am trying to control as much as possible and the seed has not germinated after about 7 days. Just let it go longer? The first two sprouted in about 5-6 days.


I’m pretty new to growing w seeds but I recently had success following Roberts guide. I take a shot glass of room-temperature tap water. Add one drop of hydrogen peroxide 3%. I put that shot glass on top of my hot water heater which is also a dark room. I guess the seeds do not like light. Once I got the TapRoot to sprout I took the seed and place it directly into a solo cup of Happy Frog soil. After about 5 days my seed turned into a sprout and was breaking through the soil.
Right now I have a little sprout started with just the cyledon (sp) leaves. But so far it appears to be healthy. From that point I’ve only been misting with pH water. Good luck and enjoy your growing.


hey @pas52 , the peroxide trick mentioned by @neckNflu often helps with tough beans. If you can’t get them to crack any way best contact sales support.


I have been known to use a old trick I learned from my dad match striker :wink: a few light brushes along split line of seed thins shell slightly and reduces it’s resistance to saturation. This has to be done very gently and with dry seed :slight_smile: you don’t want to damage inner part just thin shell some.


Thank you. I picked up that little hydrogen peroxide tip here on the forum! I didn’t think it could hurt in conjunction with Roberts method. And for me it did work well. Good luck everyone and happy growing. Have a nice evening.


That’s great to know! Thank you for sharing. I added that in to my little notebook for future reference. Thanks for sharing! Have a nice night.