Seed germination PH

Gonna soak some OG Cush seeds. I checked my PH and it was 6.73. When soaking seed does it make a difference. 24-48 hrs. 5.5-? I’m going to experiment, soak and plant in soil, soak and paper towel then soil, soak and paper towel then rock wool. What temp should my paper towel stay? Normaly I wouldn’t waste everyones time but I am going through a rough patch and can’t get anything to crack. Last seeds I soaked for 48 hrs then put in paper towel, Going on 4 days and no change. I did put in zip lock and a heat mat. I tried cool dark with my zip lock and Nada. These are just seeds from smoke, Ive gone through 30, and I might as well have been planting rocks. I’ve germinated every different way with success. Think I might have just got a bad bunch of seed? The Cush are just ordered seed, first time with this strain. If I’m just having a brain fart please set me straight before I kill my OGC seeds. Cat

I found seeds to germinate best when it’s in a warm spot. This time I placed glass in my dome that is on a seedling heat mat and all 10 cracked and grew excellent.

@BetrayedSoul Maybe the seed I got was old, young, who knows the weed was dust . I prayed to the weed gods and they answered me, they just said no. I am using tap water, maybe I.ll invest in a gl. of distilled.

Just noticed you said seeds from smoke. May just be immature seeds. Usually a light green.
Buy some from ilgm as they have a 100% germinate guarantee. Takes a little bit to get replaced if needed but definitely worth having a guarantee that replaces seeds.

The seeds looked good, the OGC I just started were purchased from ILGM and I’m confident. Just don’t want to kill good seeds by doing something stupid and missing the obvious.

This is how brain dead I am I just realized I’ve been misspelling Kush.

I don’t check my ph for sprouting seedlings. I use distilled or spring water.

@Noctis420 I think I’m going to go the distilled route, never had before but I’m willing to try anything to crack some seed.

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I’ve actually had better results not phing down my 7.2 tap water with their 15% hydrogen pyroxide( I did a test on my winter grow and had pretty bad germ rates)

@GreenSnek I used my tap water on these 3 Kush seeds, I filled a 1/2 gl. jug and let it sit for 2 days to allow the chlorine to evaporate. I did a PH test this afternoon and it was @6.73. I would like to see it below 6.5 I just hope this Is not my problem. Guess I could take a test right out of the tap to see. Cat

Ro water or distilled water is best with aboit a cap full of peroxide mixed in the water it will kill off any bacteria in or on the seed and keep a clean breeding groind for the a eed to atart and hopefully keep problems away also a heating pad is best to get seeds to pop faster. I use a heating pad soak seeds in water and peroxide for 12 to 24 hrs dump mix onto a napkin and leave moist always til u get a tap then place in dirt tap down ph is more imlortant when u are watering in the soil or medium. Dirt is 6.5 and hydro and coco are 5.8.


@Mark0427 Thats the way I normally do it minus the peroxide, guess I just got a bunch of seeds that hadn’t matured. 20 hours on my OGK seeds. Hope the weed gods smile. Much thanks for all the info. and reassurance Cat

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Checked on the OGK seeds, after 21 hours in the dark. Seeds were floating, tapped them and they sank like a rock. Thumbs up. Cat


Put Kush seeds in paper towel and slid in zip lock bag @ 7:00 last night, put in cabinet with no heat pad. Temp. +/- 72F.

Checked on the babies 11:00 tonight, one taproot started and a second seed cracked. I think I will experiment a little. I’m going to start in rock wool and use a blue glass to promote root growth, use a clear glass on the other just to see what happens. I will move to the journal and take pics… New girls will go into a new hydro setup. I built a LED light with 5630 strip light equal parts of red, blue and bright white. Blue for root growth, Red for bud and bright white for veg. I also added 4 4’ bright white T8 daylight tubes in the center. This is done on the cheap so it will be interesting. Cat