Seed Germination - Beginner

I bought 5 GG seeds, and followed the instructions to leave them submerged in water. it has been about 35 hours now, and they look the same. Would it be safe to say these are duds? should i change the water, or use the paper towel method. Please advise.

After 24 hours i remove seeds from water and place into damp (not wet) papertowels and seal the towels in a baggie. 24 hours after that u should have a nice tap root. And be ready to sow into ur medium.

Get them out of that water and let them sot in the damp towel for 12-24 hours. Once u see taproot, plant em


I soak seeds for 18 to 24 hours. Then place in damp toilet paper for 48 hours then plant in forever home. :+1:

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I started gg autos and gl fem same day. Took 2 extra days for the GG to tail. My gold leaf been up for over 48hrs now still no sign of the GG in medium. Kinda thinking it a trait of the strain…?