Seed found in fem blueberry

hi guys im still doing blueberry (fem) and strawberry kush (fem),i like to no if i found the odd seed in these fem buds would they be fem seeds ?? or could they turn male ty


They would be fem seeds


I had the same question so thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 … did my first outdoor grow last summer with my brother, 16 plants, a little better than 4 lbs, happy with that as we started in June. All plants were feminized, but a few had about 6 or 8 seeds each in their buds. Kept the seeds, wasn’t sure if they would be fem or regular… thanks again

Why would they be female seeds?
How does a female seed that grows into a female plant have seeds anyway?
Doesn’t it need a pollinator and if so isn’t the chance of the seed being female 50/50.
Curious. Another learning opportunity.
Hope you dont mind the questions.
Cheers blackmoon