Seed failure to germinate

I purchased 5 mowi wowi seeds 3 weeks ago
2 have not germinated after a week using the paper towel method
1 other germinated and I planted in jiffy seed starting soil it has not sprouted in over a week
Please help with getting replacement

This would have better results directed at customer service.

I’m currently batting 0-8 germinating my og kush seeds I just bought from ILGM so I feel your pain. I’ve tried the water glass method as instructed and paper towel method and nothing. This isn’t my first grow and I’ve never had such a failure rate so my belief is I got shit seeds that were not stored properly. Be sure to contact customer service and thank you for sharing because all the comments on here are rainbows and sunshine.

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I hear the fragrance of eucalyptus will keep away any pests
Think I could add it to my humidifier water to keep my grow room clean of any bugs/ mites

These forums seem pretty legit. I’ve been lurking around quite a bit for a week or so just preemptively getting info for when something goes wrong with my ten day old grow, doubt all the “rainbows and sunshine” are bs. Also read quite a few times that ilgm takes care of people with seed issues. Have you contacted customer service with satisfactory results? Seems like something worth mentioning if you gonna be throwing stuff around like shit seeds not stored properly. I for one didn’t get my seeds here so I have no skin in the game so to speak.