Seed : does it matter?

When I was looking at various seed banks, some claim that their seed is organic grown. Would that be a better seed to start with(genetics wise) or it really doesn’t matter that much. The seed is only one component to growing but is there any value to this type of seed? happy growing :bat: :rofl:

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If you’re a true organic grower than this would come into play. If you’re not concerned with a true organic product then I wouldn’t be concerned. An organic seed is not a better seed, you can have good and bad generics.


Yup. I think organic weed tastes better. But the seeds, not as important imo.

The GENETICS USED in the creation of said seeds matters alot more then the methods mediums nutrients used during their creation.


If you grew organic as you say it would make a difference as I believe that no chemicals are to be used. Am I correct? Just was curious if any value?

Right, a true organic grower would want seeds produced in an organic way. I am that way with my vegetables. Not there yet with weed though.


Think it really makes a diff @AfgVet ? Never even crossed my mind honestly :rofl:


I mean if true organic are important to someone than yes, I think it makes a difference. If there’s non organic nutrients in the plant that produces the seeds then there is likely non organic nutrients of some sort stored in the seeds. It’s getting down to the little details but to true organic growers it makes a difference.

Are you going to notice a difference in your buds, I doubt it.


Thank you for giving me some insight to the organic seed and cultivation. happy growing :bat: :rofl:


It is entirely possible the parent plant expresses epi-genetic traits to better utilize the organic grow environment than say a plant grown in synthetic nutes and hydro (for example) and could pass those same genetics on to the offspring.


@AfgVet, I agree. I believe the largest concern with anything you are “ingesting” is what is in it. While a seed may have been produced on a plant that was fed non-organic chemical, the amount that it carries to the next generation flower is probably extremely minimal. If you follow organic growing techniques your impact on the flower produced should be much more pronounced.

That said, I do wonder how the processes of feminizing seeds would fall into that discussion.


And down the rabbit hole we go! Lol. Yea im sure our tinkering and tampering with the natural laws… or enhancing? Depending on ur argument… effect the genetics subtly. But the synthetic/organic effect on seeds is something i honestly never considered. @thecount13 we both learned something new today!

Technically a plant can not not be organic. And yes I meant the double negative. Anything living is organic… if it exists in nature. It is organic…

Don’t know where these ideas of a living thing being non organic come from… that’s just not how things work.

(Everything exists in nature)

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Ive heard that you can get feminized pollen by simply leaving a plant in flower for “too long”. Supposedly they hermaphrodite but the pollen only produces females, unlike regular hermaphrodites. If this is true then you have feminized seeds without the colloidal silver. I heard something about a different solution that is sprayed on plants rather than silver but I dont remember what it was or if it was organic…

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I get what you mean but its about the type of nutrients that were given to the plant. Were they raw chemical elements that were powderized or dissolved into a liquid? Or were they chemical elements that were eaten, digested, wasted or otherwise processed inside of another living ORGANism. Thats the difference my friend…

How do you figure? You are star stuff and will return to it. So is and does everything else in existence.

Lol I agree with you there… But a star is not an ORGANism… Ya know i think wed be great friends cuz I love to argue when im stoned too lol anyway I was just defining organic for you, im not even an organic grower :laughing:

And actually you’re right on another level… So if a worm is digesting raw bits of iron and phosphorous and other elements does that mean the worm is non-organic? No. So I see what you mean. But what ya feed your plants does make a difference in taste, I know this cuz of my vegetables and fruits but yeah… Technically you’re right

@Budz I hear ya!.. Organic = A way to charge a higher price, Marketing at its finest, + Unless your growing it yourself and actually know what your doing, One is trusting the supplier that what he/she is selling (ie: Organic produce etc) IS really organic…Unless you see it grown for yourself from seed to harvest One cannot truly know if what they are expecting to be and paying a higher premium for that product to actually be Organic. Marketing at its finest!!!
@thecount13 OOps sorry bro to answer what I know about seed banks is Ive only bought ( My first time) Last season from ILGM and this season from ILGM and Seedsman…Ive had great results with both and my only prob would be a few genetic issues( in my opinion) with ILGM “skittlez” Germ was fine all the way 100 % and very fair priced and fast delivery…Seed type (strains) and availability were issues with both companies as one didn’t have what I wanted and one (brexit supposed issues) didn’t have it in stock for my country USA? All in All I DO think that the quality of seeds from a reputable company like ILGM matter.

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What the USDA allows for "non organic"material in organic crops is higher than any sensible farmer uses in any crop. There is no difference at the store. Anything almost all farmers grow can fit into “organic”. According to the USDA definition.

I was wondering if me smoking all that silica I’m feeding my plants might affect the genetics of my offspring.