Seed directly in soil?


A question from a fellow grower:

Can i put my seed straight into soil with out puting it in water.
Also if i do put seed straight in soil dose it matter what way up the
seed gose I am a first timer lol


You can as long as the soil is not too strong in containing nutrients, plain sterile dirt would normally be fine, but most potting mixes may be too strong.

Seeds should always be put in their medium/soil pointy side up, this helps the seed extract itself from its shell as it grows out of the soil.


This year and last year, I put my seeds directly in potting mix for seedlings in big pots. Both times, all my seeds germinated and came up strong. I just misted them everyday until they sprouted and got about 4 inches tall. I’m growing outdoors and was worried about the evening temps, but they all survived when it dipped down into the 50’s.

Last year I tried to get the seeds pointy side up, but this year, I just put them in the potting mix.

Best of luck to you.


Yes, a mix specifically for seedlings is the way to go, they always have very low or no nutrients, to be able to let your seedlings develop that strong root system so they can take the stronger nutrients they’ll need later.