Seed cracking - what to do after the 48 hours?

I was recently talking with a grow friend and was discussing how some seeds never sprout and sometimes the whole strain won’t pop following normal germination methods [whatever your choice.]

that said, he told me to do a seed cracking procedure after the 48 hours step if you don’t get a tap root.
this might save a few seeds from the bin [ sure enough I found examples on YT showing it being done]

I would like to hear your comments on this step.

Some use a little Hydrogen Peroxide while soaking their seeds. My method is soak the seed and or seeds in water for 18 to 24 hours. The hen place in damp toilet paper for 48 hours. Then plant no more than 1/2” down in the soil.

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24 hour seed soak in tap water, into a solo cup of happy frog, 1/2" or so down in soil.

Very high success rate :slight_smile:

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This is what I did after reading wayyy to many articles on germination lol. I am not seeing the point in the paper towel. Is it just for simplicity of proper moisture level? Seems like an unnecessary middle step. 12 out of 12 successful so far in my young career.

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Not sure why the towel method, my guess is people want to see it crack it’s tail.

Am very new too, week 3 of my second grow, 9/10 for success rate, The one that didn’t sprout, was my fault/user error.

I learned this method from Hellraiser. So simple and successful.

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