Seed cracking open


Started my seed on the 15th. I can now clearly see that the seed has cracked open and there is a tiny root still in the shell. How many days does it usually take being between the wet paper towel before it gets planted?


@DavidJEK welcome to the forum, and as long as you can see the tap root come out, you can place it in the soil, tap root down. Don’t bury too deep, 1/4” will do. Happy growing!


I’ve had seeds take a week, or 2 days. Ambient conditions, age of the seed, strain etc all play a role. Like @Covertgrower said: 1/4"- 1/2" is perfect. Don’t over love it with water.


It doesn’t get planted without your help:slight_smile:


I typically soak my seeds overnight then plant on blind faith lmao


While my experience is only 3 seeds, I waited until they cracked and went right into soil. I was too worried about damaging the taproot to wait for it to poke out too far. All three, 2 different strains, sprouted 2 days after planting.


It is now 9 days in the soaked paper towel. Tap root not getting any bigger only about 1/16th sticking out. Measured ph of water to be 6.1. I am using distilled water. Either the meter is wrong or I need to raise the ph. Compost in the starter pot is 5.7 ph. Any suggestions?


Ph is good if in compost 5.8 so I wouldn’t change that I would get it in the medium asap if it’s been in paper towel that long but that’s just me personally and like said prior .25in is great mist soil with spray bottle and seedling until it get a cpl sets of leaves