Seed Companies?

Where can I order good seeds from? What kind should I get as a Beginner grower??

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Hello and welcome! You’re at the right place for seeds. Just click on “Marijuana Seeds” in the menu bar.

White Widow is a good choice for starting out, IMO.

Good luck!


You can buy the best seeds wright here my friend.



A link! Brilliant! :slight_smile:

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For beginners Northern Lights or White Widow are usually good. You should go thru the Grow Bible and read everything you can till you are ready to sprout them. Make sure you have everything you need before you start to avoid loosing a baby while you wait for the light to come in the mail for example.

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And set up your room and let it run a while making note of temps and humidity. The more you know the better before dropping a seed as @Stomper said.

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Im going to order the WW to start but where is the Grow Bible?

In the guides section above. Enter your email addy and they will send it to you free.

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