Seed collection show and tell

I took a picture of my small seed collection and thought I’d love to see what kind of collection other people have, so show your seeds off!

This is my seed collection (so far lol)

Right now I have trainwreck, power plant, gold leaf, Maui wowie, la confidential, nyc diesel, and one last seed of critical mass.
They’re all fem seeds from ILGM :slight_smile:

Also how are you guys storing the seeds?
Currently I have them in a small black bag inside the freezer.


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First thought… freezer. Won’t that ruin them?

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I’ve read freezer is one of the best places for storage.

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Sounds good. In my mind it would freeze whatever moisture is in the husk and ruin it… but honestly I have no fricken clue. And I tend to over think things :crazy_face:


Of course no one has to take a pic since they’re probably in storage.
I just snapped the pic a month ago when I first got all my seeds in and started germinating the critical masses.
But I’m interested in what strains everybody is holding on to :slight_smile:

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@Covertgrower did a cool 'speriment a couple of weeks ago: if you follow his thread:

BHO extraction thread

He germinated some seeds that ran through his ‘device’ (cold butane) and got most of em to go. So I’d say the freezer’s a good place.

I keep mine in the office drawer and have way too many strains to list here haha. 40? And a bunch more in the next few weeks.


Yeah I was just going to keep them in a drawer at first, but it gets VERY hot in my area so I decided the freezer would definitely be a better place than a drawer that might hit 95F lol

I’m out of town for a while, but I’ll post my meager collection

What strains that you have seeds of are you most excited to grow?

I currently just have one strain until the next 10 arrive. Put after much research I discovered that most major seed vaults are in frozen countries like Greenland and anartica. So I use pill bottle style containers. I drop the seeds in then use cotton balls to separate the space and fill the rest up with silica to handle any moisture.

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What strain is that? And what strains did you order? I’m curious

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What’s left of my white widow that I started with, and then on order it’s super skunk, kush mass, blueberry cookies, cookies n cream , sweetberry cough, critical xl, girl scout cookies , green crack, super skunk kush and gorilla x white widow cross


Ooh, green crack and Girl Scout cookies!
I’ve always loved those strains.

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My understanding is fridge is the best place in an airtight jar with rice or moisture absorber like you find in pill bottles.
Freezing expands and contracts the seeds and the frozen crystals will cut and kill.
Fridge not freezer.


What I read is that the lower the temperature, the slower they decline.

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Read more. Dude grows Cannibis podcast recently said no to freeze and from what I read its no as well

Up to you your seeds, but fridge for me.

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Search seed storage here in this forum, lots of info.

For me it’s strains that trace back lineage or go forward, with lineage in common.

I have a couple of landrace strains that are pure sativa I’m excited to grow.

Otherwise I’m continuing on and branching out from my original grow. Girl Scout cookies, OG Kush, were the ones originally grew. It’s taken me farther than I expected. A few sidetracks that aren’t related along the way. You know.

Train wreck
Animal cookies
Original Haze
Fire OG
Maui Wowie
Cherry soda
Black DOG
Limonene Queen
Dj short Blueberry.
Sour diesel
Durban poison
Wedding cake
Golden tiger
Probably a few others I missed. This was just from memory.