Seed choices are hard


So i am brand new. Just got most of my equipment and havent set it up yet. BUT what seed do i choose. Ive checked out a few websites and they mostly give me different opinions on which one i should go with. I am only looking to grow one maybe two at a time. Need something that can handle a newbie. Plus mostly looking for a sativa. Maybe a indica for bedtime.
I have a 30×20×62 tent.
A 600 w led light.


White Widow is very easy to grow. I would recommend it for a new grower.


I just finished my first grow, White Widow was quite easy as was Gold Leaf.
Each of us has a bit of a different first grow experience, mine was guided by this forum and has turned out nicely.
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At bare minimum regardless of strain go AUTO FLOWER as a beginner. Make sure you get an Auto. They are way easy to maintain for new growers. It’s what I’m growing right now which is my first over at

Autoflowering seeds have the ability to produce at least two outdoor crops in the course of a typical summer, and sometimes even more. If you are growing them indoors, they can mature fully in as few as ten weeks, allowing you to squeeze in more harvests. These seeds are also resilient and can resist mold, pests, and frost more easily than other kinds of cannabis seeds.

If you’re a beginner, it can be great to start with autoflowering seeds since they remove many of the most complicated steps involved with cultivating a healthy marijuana plant. -ILGM.Com


How tall does it usually get? Do i need to crop top for a 5ft tall tent?


Thank you to all. I will keep it in mind when i purchase. But i think i will create a jurnal on here when i get the seeds and plant. Been through alot of forums on here. And just keep reading the grow bible every other chance i get. I get down time and im reading the grow bible or soms posts people r writing.


I’ve grown White Widow in a tiny 2’×2’×5’ tent and I had no problem. I didn’t crop, top, or fim anything and she gave me a great harvest.

This is a great forum. Start a journal and you will have lots of people willing to help you to harvest.


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We all have our favs. Indica is crystal both high in thc & cbds. For sativa bruce banner also high in thc.


Sorry for hijacking the thread! @Newbie53 I’m going with Auto flower Cheese by the way :sunglasses: since that’s what my first grow is now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I like the AK-47 fem seeds she’s a very hardy and forgiving strain I’ve ever seen I tried to stress her a lot and she kept comeing for more so experiment tested by me lol