Seed came out of soil


A question from a fellow grower:

I took a separate seed of a different strain (I’m unable to differentiate them until growth) and did a 24 hour grow and it had leaves 4 days later. However, it seems to have come out of the soil some. Is there any way to ensure that it will continue to root and grow strong? I put it deeper in the soil but it looked to be drooping after one night. I have been following the instructions to a T and my space bucket is on an 18hr light cycle.


Your soil, does it have nutrients in it, this could be your problem.
Are you saying after it popped through the soil you put it deeper into the soil.
Not really sure on what you are saying…sorry, but if so you may have injured the newly formed tap root.

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Yes, I used miracle grow moisture control with some extra perlite mixed in. I also used the grow booster once I put the seedling in. As soon as I can I will upload a picture. I think my seedling maysuffering from heat stress due to the high temps. I have moved my bucket another room.

Do you have any tips on how to nurse it? I’ve irrigated 2x since for moisture and to keep my plants watered properly.

Any assistance is appreciated.


I used the same soil so I now just what went wrong.
That soil is not for seedlings because of the nutrients in it. Then you made matters worse by adding the the grow booster.
The little seedling has its own nutrients t sustaine it’s self till it has 3 - 5 true sets of leaves. Then you can start adding nutrients say at 1/2 dose

.yes keep the heat about 78 degrees
What are you useing for lights?
And for now just keep her soil moist not wet…ok. And no more nutrients. Hopefully she will pull through.

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Just place it back into the soil; Moisten and hope the roots attach. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m using3 26 watt cfl lights. Since moving to another room the temperature is now at 78 degrees with 60% humidity. Also, my fist seed has been in soil for 2 weeks now without sign of sprouting. :cry: At what point should I consider it a lost cause? I’m holding out hope that it will wake up and is just a bit of a late bloomer due to the heat.


Just keep it moist and warm. If it don’t pop out in a couple more days I would write it off as a loss. It happens to us all at one point 'or another

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Sadly, my first two tries did not bear fruit. However, third time is really the charm :slight_smile:The first picture shows the sprout that I was describing after I placed it back in the soil. It curled up shortly after and the brown pot still has not shown any growth, so I’m considering it a loss.

This picture shows the new seed that has just gotten a few new leaves. I put it in a peat moss + vermiculite mix. Should I start the booster regimen now or give it a few more days? I also ask because I’ve kept her well watered with the blumat Jr and am considering adding the booster to the auto feed water. Which would be better: direct or indirect?



No…never feed seedling any type of nutrients and if that’s what you were doing with the one that died,
Well that’s s why. You only give them water not alot you just keep them moist.

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