Seed buying with cc


Would it be wise to buy seeds off Web using a card in a non legal state?


I’m sure it fine although I send cash my self :+1:
Never had a issue


@Countryboyjvd1971 When Is Best Time To Buy FOR deals? While doing my hours of research, I seen a youtube video where the guy bought from a seed bank on 420 and they doubled his order for free.


I would just stuff a few bills in an envelope and send it to ILGM. Robert says this is very safe and very anonymous. Buying the seeds is the cheapest part of your grow, but I don’t think it is such a good idea to get VISA involved. They might just share info with the DEA.


I really do not think it matters, being as the actual package has your name and address on it anyways. But that is me…

As for deals, almost always some kind of deal/discount around any major holiday…


make sure you are on the ILGM email list. They send out great offers all of the time and you can even find them on the website!

Lots of buy 10 and get 10


I’ve used cc , debit card… no issues… :wink:
Remember , never send anything to actual grow area… :wink: Not good for business… :wink:
Not Even in a legal state with a neighbor growing 20 trees… and you follow ever rule and guideline and pay all your taxes…:wink: Your name’s jo and you don’t know… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I used CC to buy from Robert and no problems. Robert uses a stealth processor so its kinda hard for anyone to know. Plus I have such things sent to an address not my home. And then you never talk to neighbors or anyone that you are growing. Play it safe is all.


I bought from ILGM, no problem with the card. Just make sure the card is enabled for International payments. I won’t send an order and cash again if there’s any other way. The last time I did that it cost me $35 to mail the order overseas.


have you tried buying bit coin with card then purchasing seeds with that? @suctionmed


Never got into bitcoin…


me neither really,but it is safe way to make electronic transactions… good luck @suctionmed
if you send cash,use postage where you can track where it’s at and you can insure the package…another thought


You need to watch the Iglm seed bank for sales they run them frequently and yeah last year for Roberts birthday he had goldleaf 1/2 of for 20
Also sign up for the emails he will email the special sales to us there most seedbanks will do a promotion on 420
But to be honest I only order from IGLM cause the genetics are the best @suctionmed
@1BigFella I send cash all the time infact I just place another order and sent cash last week