Seed banks that will ship to southern USA?

Can y’all let me know what seed banks will ship to the southern USA ??? That you can trust. Thanks


ILGM Seeds ship to the United States. Many other seedbanks do as well.


Ilgm gets them to me in a few days. In the south


Being on this forum I felt obligated in the past to say buy ILGM seeds. But after growing 5 plus ILGM strains vs other seed banks, ILGM rocks.

Ships super quick and they guarantee germination.


I usually order from ILGM or MSNL. Both discreet and quick.

Tried lots…Canada, England, Amsterdam. All were cash upfront, long slow delivery and shabby quality…if something was ever sent.

The seed sales here are top notch. Specials are damn good. And best of all delivery is blazing fast and guaranteed. Worst that can happen is the post office will send you a bright red postcard asking you if you want to come down and claim the illegal items. I never went…nope, nope, NOPE.

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Thanks to all. I do like ILGM a lot AAA+

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I’ve been impressed with ILGM genetics. Most of my grows are with their seeds.


ILGM for the win. pacific seed bank, true north and seedsman will also ship to the US. haven’t grown anything from them tho yet.

Fast Buds will too if you can find a way around the system :wink:

I used worldwide-marijuana-seeds the best part is they sell single seed starting at just a couple of bucks. Shipping was like a week to me.

Irvine is fast. It’s where I got the purple panty dropper and the newest ones I’m doing.

Is there and seed bank that sells pure CBD and no THC seeds?? If so what’s the prices ona VERY low budget :disappointed:. CBD helps with my acute pain and helps better than any pharmaceutical meds they give me for my PTSD and other mental health issues I have.

PLEASE! Looking for my MiracIe plant.
Or GIFTED would be nice too, not looking for hand outs just work so much and pay for a household of four plus take care of mother-in-law. Thank you guys.

Blessed be.

It should not have been marked illegal, cannabis seeds are considered an adult novelty item

Seeds man has been reliable for me

ILGM has been good as well as Growers choice seeds. Their packaging is superb. ILGM has the best germination warranty by far.

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