Seed bank Question

If this isn’t allowed here please delete…but has anyone ever bought from multiverse beans and if so can you explain the process of how you did it…im trying to make sure im not going to scammed or anything.

If you think your getting scammed you probably are buy from a reputable seed bank there are many ILGM being one of the best seed man, Grayskin, North Atlantic, 420 fast seeds some of the ones I’ve used others will chime in

Not Grayskin Graybeard


ILGM, Seeds here now and 207 Genetics are my favorites


Alot of ppl have said multiverse is a good company but they payment method is weird i bought from ilgm b4 and planning on doing it again once the strains i want are 10x10. im looking for smaller batches if different genetics…and want to oay with my card not a check or ■■■■■■ (friends and family) ect


N. Atlantic seedco has tons of freebie deals.

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Try sticky seeds uk and herbies seeds and attitude seeds uk and gorilla seeds uk

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My 3 go to banks are Noth Atlantic, Sticky Seeds, and ILGM. I’ve also used Growers Choice( they take forever to get tour beans out) but have very good genetics and Home Grown. Home Grown has OK genetics but did replace all the beans that didn’t germinate.

Coffee shop seeds uk are great

Grizzly seeds is another good UK one

ILGM has the fastest shipping in my opinion hands down, good genetics too. Marijuana Seed Shop in Amsterdam has a killer strain of Northern Lights and stealthy shipping. North Atlantic is one many also use here.

My don’t order from list because they take too long and ship poor quality genetics

2.Crop King Seeds

My don’t order from ever again because they don’t have a clue how to ship through US Customs

  1. Marijuana Grow Shop, Spain

In my opinion, order from within your own country and I say this with some confidence. Don’t order from anywhere overseas if from the US but Amsterdam as they have been doing it for decades and know how to ship things stealthy. Order nothing from Spain or England.

If ordering from the States order from California if possible, too many reasons to list why.

Good luck!:+1:

Green thumb I’m based in UK and buy my seeds from an English company had no issues yet

I was referring to ordering your seeds from the UK to the USA.

I use Attitude because ILGM didn’t like me. So I went with one with the best deals. I bought 5 seeds and getting 15 free. Each seed is $4.50 and ILGM I will try again later this year. They have a couple strains I want to grow. With a iron clad guarantee delivery was just $90 total. Thus the seeds are real cheap with all the freebies they give. All major players in the Cannabis Industry. :+1::+1::+1:

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Thanks for all the information im going to try all the banks everyone’s mentioned

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