Seed bank ...ideas


Thats great news… we gona order next week (pay week)

Seems you get heaps of freebies from

Im hearing you.

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Yep Seedsman seems good… I got about 10 different free seeds which was awesome. Easy to pay. Just have to keep everything crossed they make it! :+1:

You will get your seeds but it takes some time. Other than the wait not bad.

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It’s interesting times.
Re the postal service and covid too.
We dont just have customs to deal with.
Im still waiting on Durban poison and wedding cake to arrive.
The last of about 10 orders to arrive.
The last 2 took 3 months in transit.
The odd thing is than non of the replacement orders have ever arrived.
Out of about 10 orders they say have been reshiped.
They say if the original orders arrive i can keep them.
But in my case it the re shipments that dont arrive. Maybe they will one day turn up.
But do think customs do a good job and find them often.
As a business has to be a point were you cant just keep resending orders to a lot of people because customs nab them.
Or can you?
A plant makes a lot of seeds at $15 bucks a seed.
Hope mine turn up some day.


@anon90946932 where are you in the world. Just dropping in on seed bank thread.
Im in nz

Im from new zealand aswell :+1:t4:

So iv ordered

Durban poison
Girl scout cookies
Og kush
Jack herer
Green crack
Gorrilla glue :ok_hand:t4: Grown gg before but needed to top my seeds back up as its my #1 strain iv tried


Hi @anon90946932
I’m in NZ too - nice to see some kiwis around here :blush:

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Hope this helps some folks find legitimate vendors for beans. Over the last decade I’ve used the following seedbanks which are verified sellers of top shelf breeders such as in-house, Geist, jungle boys, wyeast, exotic, CAP, sungrown, dying breed, curious cultivator, relentless, ect ect ect

Neptune Seedbank
The seed cellar
Area51 seedbank
Thinktank seedbank
Platinum seedbank
The choice seedbank
Simply souvenirs
Nucleus seedbank
Beach city seedbank
Seedsman (if you want inexpensive generics)
Chronic seedbank

If you’re on Instagram you can follow your favorite breeders and they typically have a verified distributors list in their posts.

I just placed an order with Neptune for my next run. Picked up some Sun Grown Genetics - Punch Log (F), Geist Grow - Lemon Fizzz (F) & In House Genetics - Dry Ice (F)

Full disclosure - A lot of these sites moved to a “mesh” system for ordering. Protects you and seedbanks from fraudulent activity, but in my opinion it was kind of a pain in the … to get setup. It’s just a two step verification to validate whom you are. Other than the pain of the setup and the extra steps during ordering it’s as simply as picking out what you want and paying with a CC or bitcoin.


Thanks so much for such a great list. Now I’m going to be on my computer checking them all out for the next few hours! So helpful @ArmoredGoat - thanks heaps :blush:

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Bloody bank wont let the transaction thru :japanese_ogre:

Do u Guys recon a top up ■■■■ card you can buy would work?

V i s a card that was ment to say

Hi @anon90946932 yer im in nz too.
Were are you in the land of the long white cloud of thc smoke. Im at the top of the south island as another kiwi shared too of the south island ish
Whats your experience of ordering seeds and the arriving.

Where did you buy your list of these seeds
Eg durban poison greeen crack gsc etc.
Did you get the credit card issue sorted.
I first discovered a seed bank that goes by the name kiwi seeds all new Zealand iconic names like mt cook for example.
Couldn’t get payments to them then i found ilgm and havnt gone anywhere else.

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Seedsman we tried but mate got a phonecall from bank saying its a fraudulent transaction … so no seed order … i have seeds from ilgm for this season but wanted to try new strains out…

Iv had two orders from ilgm both arrived with no issues … which makes me sad i cannot get anymore orders thru them… im in the north island

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That sucks mate that’s why you need use credit cards that are linked to a cell phone number typically they’ll just text you saying “this weird company tried to charge you xx.xx$ CONFIRM or DENY” some day I might try to use the Zillow option a lot offer ,probably when I order some devil cream seeds from seed city

Mate is looking into bitcoin … but im losing hope :disappointed_relieved: