Seed bank help piz

I’m looking into a seed bank that sends fast that I can get good auto of my seeds from with something’s got good yield so what seed Bank do y’all use

Of course the only Answer is IGLM we have the best seeds and genetics HAHAHAHAHA :wink::v:
My last order came in less than 10 days i sent cash so total 17 days to mail cash and recieve beans
Would have came faster if i paid by CC 7 days was just the $ heading to them


My last order took eight business days from order to mailbox. I live in Michigan, the U.P. where all mail takes an extra day or two.


I got from MSNL and got amazing customer service and when I emailed them and told them my shipping was calculating out to be almost as much as my seeds they sent me a much better invoice thru email, but I see there have been really good reviews from the ILGM seeds as well. Good luck with whatever u decide to go with.

10 days on 2 orders and 7 days on another…it’s hard to beat that and great seed’s on top of that!

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You will not be sorry who else has a guarantee and will replace them ?


Yeah but they don’t have Dutch poison in Auto finimize they just having regular

It’s worth the time but I get it Can’t beat our guarantee and our other auto flower strains that I can tell you just about anything you need to know about them good luck

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Yeah sorry to be no help what so ever but this is the only one I trust . Sure you go online you hear horror stories about ALL OF THE BANKS but so far I have only had a good experience. The strains have doubled in variety since I first found this site so I figure I can ask all the growers which is closest to the same thing I wanted and branch out into new strains . Next up is grand dad purple and a train wreck or bruce banner


I’m with @oldstoner on this one…ilgm ha’s added quite a few new strains in the past year…and thier service is second to none…I ordered 5 Bruce banner and 3 didn’t germinate and guess what…I emails them March the 8th and new seeds were in mailbox today so…how could you do better? Make your own durban poison female seeds…I would before I take a chance somewhere else


We really appreciate the support :slightly_smiling_face:

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