Seed appearance and growing in the basement

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I got my super skunk seeds for the first time and have two questions: 1) all of the seeds look pale, though the free growing bible said to look for dark and marbled seeds. Is this going to be a problem?
2) I’d like to grow the seeds in a tent in the basement. Will the tent keep the seeds warm enough to do this? And what about humidity if the air is dry? How do I achieve the right humidity level in the tent? Thanks for any help. It’s the first time growing indoors. Smell won’t be a problem, the other person here knows what I’m planning to do.

  1. Did you purchase fem seeds?

  2. The lights will give off plenty of heat. You should invest in a good humidifier to keep the humidity up over 40% if possible.

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Download the grow bible… :wink:
Just realized what you said… sorry… :wink:
There is alot of great info here… just poke around and do more and more reading and if you still have questions just @ the person your trying to reach… :wink:
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The seeds are fine
Just about 100% success if you follow the direction given when germinating and sprouting
Dont feed and dont over water and use good dirt.
You are goona love growing welcome to the community and ask as many questions as you can think of and you will get the answers and direction to have a successful grow!

Yes, I did buy fem seeds. I’m pretty sure all of the Super Skunk seeds are supposed to be feminine; at least, that’s how they’re advertised.
I’m going to put off buying the lights and the humidifier for now. We’re due for a cold snap for the next week—maybe longer—so I can’t be sure that even a humidifier will be enough to keep that basement room humid enough for the plants.
Thanks for the reply though, any advice is appreciated. It’s been a long time since I grew weed but now that I have a chronic pain condition brought on by porphyria diagnosed too late and the crummy meds they’re giving me make me tired, dopey and forgetful (and might be causing the ringing in my ears) I’m going to try a more natural way to control pain. And I’ll enjoy music along the way.

Will do. Thanks for the reply.

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If you bought fem seeds, you don’t need to worry about the appearance of them. You’ll get ladies popping up soon enough.

You really do need to keep the moisture high for the first couple of weeks or so, depending on your situation. Keep them under a dome and start allowing the moisture to slowly drop once they’ve got a few sets of true leaves.


The sour diesel seeds I grew on my first grow for the high CBD to treat my terrible pain where the tissue connects to my spine were very “greenish pale” looking and they did great. Good luck.