Seed and sex identity


Ok on my 1st post got a reply that raised a question for me. ?? (Seeds to weeds)
I can assume even though I purchased the female seed strand you still can get male plants out of it ?? Not 100% sure thing.
With that being said, 1 post stated male plants can pollinate as soon as second set of leaves? My question would be how do we detect this at such a young plant age?


Never heard that before. Can’t pollinate without sacs as far as I know. Sacs come out in preflower I think around 6 wks? Maybe someone more qualified knows @raustin @MattyBear @Aolelon @anon95385719


A plant cannot pollinate until it has produced pollen to do so. The pollen is produced in the male “calyx”. Until that happens it cannot impregnate a female.

That’s like saying a 3 yr old boy can reproduce

If u purchased female seeds they will b female. They can turn hermaphrodite if stressed to much or light breaking their dark cycle in flower.


males will show a cluster of “dingle berries” around the base of a branch next to the main stalk.
they will not be a problem, until, the “dingle berries” pop open. when they do, one plant/one pollen pod will seed a whole room of females. the pollen is the finest dust you will ever see. it’s best to pull the males out as soon as you see them. if one pops…the room is seeded. that quick, that simple.
check daily…show no mercy. Unless you want a bucket full of seeds…


This is a grown up male who already reproduced! Clasical banana …


I always buy fem seeds from IL GM. A friend is growing with me and one of his plans turned hermaphrodite. Two of my fem plants are growing seeds. If I save the seeds am I guarantee that they will be female