See pics not sure what's going on

Hello guys could you please take a look at these pictures. I think I might be over watering I’m not sure. I don’t think so I usually water when the planter feels on the lighter side. I just added tiger bloom and Big Bloom this was the week I was supposed to do it and next week I need to add nitrogen. But I’m not sure what’s going on please help. The lighter color of the two is the one that seems to be doing most of the yellowing that’s a sativa. The picture of the darker green one that one Is the indica I’m not sure what’s going on with it’s mainly the lower leaves fan leaves

Feed full strength bloom nutes


Looks like a calcium issue

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The droopy one looks like overwatering and that can cause issues with the plant being able to eat right, which can be what caused the calcium deficiency


Potassium deficiency. You’re not feeding enough bloom nutes

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Thank you guys. I’m thinking it’s over watering is causing most of the issue plus not being able to get the nuets.

Almost impossible to overwater in a fabric pot unless your soil is no good. pH may be off also. What ppm you feeding? Of what?

You’re way late. How much did you feed?

Half the dose according to Fox farm whatever their dose says I’m doing half of it right now I’m feeding tiger bloom and Big Bloom. And then every other week I switch it to grow big in the tiger bloom and Big Bloom. In one day in between watering I add calmag I try to feed them twice a week and then in between I just give them a little water…

I started feeding tiger bloom in Big Bloom on week 5. I’m now starting week 7:00 on Saturday

pH is almost six 5.9

Should be 6.5 and you’re supposed to start nutes when it starts preflower. What’s half ppm wise? I don’t do the schedule thing so I don’t know

That’s probably what happened I started the nutes about a week late.

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That’s exactly what happened but you should be good to go now

Are these autos or photos?

This is the schedule to follow

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0 these are autos one’s a Jack herer one’s a strawberry cheesecake

Sorry thought you were using fox farm trio i don’t know the schedule for jack 321.

May of.gotten too much nutes, but i agree with you…they look over watered.

I am using Fox farm trio as well as their Cal mag