Security issues


@Loneviking That guy has done quite a few videos on YouTube about growing vegetables, but he’s also done some that marijuana was involved. My guess is that the people in the FBI that watch the internet tipped off the local cops. The lesson there is don’t post marijuana stuff on YouTube unless you’re in one of the few totally legal states.


Here is my take on the subject. Some of my points may have already been mentioned but, here we go.

If you do not tell anyone, you will be secure. I would not grow in an apartment building, though.

Your biggest concern should be with neighbors and friends. Police are not even worried about small personal grows. They are concerned with commercial growers, and meth/opiate dealers. LEO $$$ go into chemical enforcement before cannabis enforcement these days

As mentioned above. LEO cannot just do a data search and find out what you bought from Amazon. Amazon will not release such data without a warrant, and a warrant cannot be issued without a crime being established as committed.

I understand a bit of paranoia but, we have been doing this a long time, and I know of only 1 person in my 13 years of service to the cannabis community that got busted, and it was because the guy’s cousin narc’d him out after being busted for meth. Go figure.

One least thing I want to advise you on. This won’t help though. VPN is not totally secure. I fit is going trough a trunk line, it can be traced. Again; This does cost a bunch of money to do, so it does not happen unless there is a national security threat, IMO

Peace, and Happy growing, lw


Only growers in legal; MMJ or recreational states should ever post on Facebook. If you do, you are asking to get popped!


@latewood agreed! Basically they have bigger fish to fry and unless youre on their radar, you shouldnt have to worry about that. Ive seen some posts where growers were worried about flyover and infared tech being used, but if you look at it this way; most of us are using around 2000 watts total with all fans and lights. I looked at a small personal ceramic plug in heater, its draw was 1850! So even people who are worried about being discovered through power spikes need not be worried as there are too many things that draw that power! Just keep everything hush hush.
*the growers who are worried about purchases being linked to them may forget they post on a forum about growing weed! Granted, info is personal nand ad no personal info is shared, theyd still need a warrant for any records, and they would need to be investigating a current crime


They’re too busy screwing up everything else to worry about us little folks right now. But if they got a whiff of us…


Or any other media that’s wide open


About VPN: I agree, no guarantee of anonymity. Provider told me they only keep records for 30 days, but who knows.

About warrants to access your data from Amazon: Legally they are supposed to have a warrant. I truly believe all of our online information is regularly turned over to the NSA or else it’s already been hacked by someone. More than once. In Ashley Madison people got exposed by hackers. Read the privacy agreement for your bank cards. All bets are off. You give companies permission to harvest your data, unless you opt out. And they don’t tell you how to opt out. Texting is not private unless you use something like Signal app.

Don’t tell anybody: That is the best policy. In my case, my family knows. I told one other person outside my family which was a remarkably stupid thing to do because I had to cut rope with that person for personal reasons.

Medical marijuana is very hard to get here. I know people, kids who have terminal cancer. This is a travesty. I am thinking of offering those families help. Perhaps I can insulate my identity from those people but get some butter or oil if they want it for their kids.

The Police: Sure they have bigger fish to fry. In these parts you have a few plants and your busted, your name get’s in the paper, you get busted for possession and for dealing even if your not, they bust you for paraphernalia, whatever that is. If you’re in a school zone that’s another charge, and if you’re in a vehicle, they’ll drop 5 more charges onyour head for various infractions. The judge will let first time offenders go. However, in my neck of the wood, the police have not much to do. So they make a big show of it, whether you have 2 joints or 5 plants. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say racism is a big problem here.

Regarding moving to another state: that is a prospect worth pursuing.

Unpredictable problems: Two weeks ago, I had a home inspection. I had to relocate the plants. I live in a neighborhood of homes. A neighbor let me park the plants in his shed. It was an extraordinary effort in logistics and a physical feat so as not to be detected.And now he knows (but he’s cool). I was desperate. The plants were affected by all this. Stress and whatnot.

Equipment failures: These are also unpredictable. I’ve been through 3 LEDs failures. My duct fan makes so much noise I have to turn it off at night. The manufacturer gave me a refund and I had to order a new one from amazon. In the event a duct fan completely fails the odor spreads. Then what? What I need is redundancy. 2 of everything. Filter, duct fan, LED.

Maybe I shouldn’t grow and buy retail instead. But that is a major hassle. I have to travel far, pay much and depend on other people. There are times when it’s dry. I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade. A lot of cool people are here. Obviously I am paranoid. I never grew before. Throughout my life I’ve dabbled in enough stuff to get a small army high. For some reason, this feels different. Perhaps because I have less control. I appreciate all the comments and input. Obviously other people are taking this matter seriously. I need to chill for sure.


You need to think things through
Before you know for sure the best way to go.


The NSA doesn’t need any company to turn over data on you. They steal it on their own. I did a project for them in the early 90s and found out just how dangerous they are. Everyone was shocked to find out that they were spying on everyone a few years ago. I laughed because I knew they’ve been doing it for many years.


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