Security issue requires move to indoor grow tent - many questions

Urgent help needed. Must move indoors to grow tent for security. One of my ladies was stolen from my greenhouse. They missed the 3 plants outside, so I have moved them to the grow tent. Overnight I have mites on one.

They are getting a sunbath now. I think I should treat all 3 with Spinosad, but anxious about the humidity in the grow tent.
These 2, need another week, so protecting them all from bud rot which I haven’t seen in 5 days is a priority.
Too many variables for me!
More info on my previous topic- burn damage in greenhouse.


The humidity in my tent usually averages about 30’ish percent. I live in a very humid area down on the Gulf of Mexico. The 2nd grow light dropped the humidity in the tent down.


People suck!

About the only thing you can do is air flow: lots of air flow. Unless you have a portable dehumidifier or a/c unit which can bring things down. I like 25 to 35% at harvest. You get some increased trichome production out of it too.


Does this bud look ready to dry out or harvest?


Not enough there for me to say. Overall of the plant, and one of a representative cola.

I had another friend had his cola stolen by the neighborhood thugs. He gave me the plant and I rescued it. I was happy to get 27 grams dry off a plant that should have died.

People do suck…if they know they can get away with it, they will do it. Sad, but true.

Now you understand how watermelon growers feel when as teens we “raided” his fields.

BUT…keep in mind it was someone close who saw it on a regular basis. They are still around.

Capt. Jacks works great on nasty life sucking vampire plant killers.


The ladies are secure. Possibly local teens. We are rural with veggie garden in the front yard. They took the whole plant & left the plastic pot.
They took their first opportunity when we were out.
I may never leave home again. Ha! Ha!

the spider mites are worse today,

whole plant and something that resembles a cola


The Welsh way of dealing with pot thieves.



And, I know about Captain Jack’s!

All trimmed & sprayed. They are on our deck when we are home.
I think we are close to the dark room for the second bud. The trim from this plant has dried with a nice flavor & buzz.
The other bud has 2 plants that I will keep watering until more mature.
Plan to stagger the grow tent for processing and keep the ladies on the deck daytime & indoors at night.


Shazaam !
thats some fine looking herb.
I discussed your recent bad-karma theft this afternoon down at the local market with a fellow traveller and they recommended electric fencing :zap:
But please check your local by-laws

All indoors.
No more watering. Fan in tent on low. Light cycled to sunrise/sunset.
I‘ll need to trim tomorrow & check for any pests or mold.
One drying.

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She’s tall! What strain?

Either Maui Wowie or Gold Leaf. Amber is just starting. Now that indoors is working, I can wait.

They look like candy! I gave them some water yesterday. Still no mites or rot. I will wait for more amber.

magnifique !

is it possible to see a picture without the blurple light ? :octopus:jojs1v2s000000000000