Section dedicated to Autoflowering strains

Is it possible to create a sections JUST for auto growers? I read a ton of information but would like to have a place to go dedicated to the auto strain since the growth period and nute feedings seem to differ between autos and photo plants.

Thanks in advance!!


I’m not sure if there’s 1 dedicated place but you can tag any grower and they would be happy to help. So welcome to the forum I can answer questions @Hogmaster and @Countryboyjvd1971 are very knowledgeable and who I go to if I have questions. @Covertgrower @MAXHeadRoom @Myfriendis410 @anon95385719 @dbrn32 these are some of our fellow growers who help out alot and are very knowledgeable as well and don’t mind to help at all.
Don’t be afraid to ask any question this is a great friendly place, you will not be ridiculed or made to feel dumb. Alot of new growers come here and have successful first grows and harvest because they ask questions and the wonderful people here help


With nutrients the times are different you start your bloom nutrients at the first sign of pistols

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@Sirsmokes: yes,this is a GREAT forum. Full of knowledgeable people who won’t hesitate to answer question. I have had great help from several members, just hoping to be able to have a place dedicated to auto strains.


I know the mods are generally pretty busy as this is not their full time job, so that may be asking for a lot. And you can probably treat autos almost the same as photos and be very successful. There’s just a few things you want to be cautious with, and they all involve trying not to shock them any.

If you have some specific questions just ask in this thread. Plenty of people really good with autos here, we’ll make sure to get them involved if need be.


I agree, @NavyVet420 this is the basics. As long
As your planning ahead, and keeping track of where she is on her life scale, you’ll do just fine.


I have a thread I started 3-1 autos you should check it out