Second week of flower any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated

This is my second week of flower I’ve gotten the underside of the net trimmed tops are trimmed up ppfd is roughly 750 ,760 any thoughts help would be greatly appreciated

Right about then is when mine always need a dose of Cal Mag. Your looking good

Yeah I give Cal mag with every watering using RO water Fox farms trio with Bloom boosters recharge on days off from feeding one feeding with food when feeding ro and recharge and Cal mag

U must be in coco as I would burn mine up with that much Cal Mag.

No I’m in Fox farms Happy frog I use RO water so you must use calmag to avoid deficiencies I started out using tap water had a rough start with the chlorine and whatnot

I use springwater and supersoil so I don’t have those issues. If your having to use Cal Mag at every watering and your using soil then your soil is pretty depleted. Put it in the dirt instead of the water at the start when potting the plant.

From my understanding when you use RO water it has taken everything out of it so there is no nutrients ,calcium or magnesium in the water so the water will pull it out of the dirt so you need to add it to the water along with your food at least that’s my understanding

Just starting 4th week of flower very happy with the 300l rspec👍

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