Second try White Widows

I don’t know if there both widows they look completely different.1 has really dense buds the other not so much.


Looks like you knocked it out of the park


Very nice. Looks like you’re going to get a good yield. Finished to Girl Scout cookie extreme autos, Totally two different looking plants, But very pleased with both.

I’d like to try those next.Got any pics

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Yes, @Thumper1 I will take care of that first thing in the morning.

Thank you thinking about flushing this 1 tomorrow.She’s 12 weeks


Man they are beautiful.Got to find some of those seeds

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Thanks ! The flowering time pretty much spot-on to the Breeders guide 56 to 62 days They’re ready to chop. Gold Leaf has become one of my favorite. I think @merlin44 has also grown Gold Leaf a couple times. Good luck finishing up.

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Yup, I really like growing Gold Leaf as well as White Widow. Another of my favorites is Super Silver Haze and my recent favorite is Maui Wowie.

The truth is that which ever strain I am currently using is my favorite LOL

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