Second time grower, first time going organics in a Earthbox

Though i would try a grow journal out since I’m pretty excited for this new style I’m trying and I’m the only one in my friend group thats into this stuff so i don’t have anyone to nerd out with on my growing hobby.

My first grow i was coco with Dr, Earth dry amendments in 5g fabric pots, and it was kinda a struggle the whole way but i did learn a lot still. But i came across BuildASoil youtube channel and was instantly hooked on there organic growing style, but my biggest problem was watering due to my wicket adhd and impulse control. I couldn’t find a happy medium between really dry and overwatering so that’s why i went with the Earthbox.

About this grow.

2x4 tent in a active part of my home.(scared of light leaks so i went autos)
4" ac infinity exhaust fan
Spiderfarmer SF-2000 led
2 6" clip on fans, 1 above the light for cooling, 1 under canopy
Dehumidifier outside of tent, humidifier inside tent. I probly wont need the dehumidifier this grow
Earthbox filled with buildasoil 3.0.
Amendments=Craftblend amendments, BuildaFlower topdress, Kashi fermented grain.

I planted the GirScoutCookies on November 11 so ill have to catch up a few days for yall.

The Supplies for the grow

I put a layer of soil then added a bit of craftblend and kashi. (idk if that was a good or bad thing yet)

Then filled it the rest of the way up planted my seeds and watered around them and put clear cups on them for extra humidity. It averages around 45% here in Missouri during the winter.

11/15 I got the first lady poking though. At this point ive only watered around the seeds.

11/17 Both of the lady’s have sprouted, and I’ve also started keeping the top of the soil watered a bit so the rest of the soil to i guess prep the soil for when i start filling the Earthbox with water. (also an appearance of Ms. Pickles sneaking into the tent to soak up the heater wail I grabbed my phone lol)

11/22 After hooking up the humidifier and keeping the tent around 65% humidity/75F for the seedling stage, and maybe keeping the top of the soil to damp, I started to get green algae/moss next to my plants. So i let it dry down a bit and just slightly mixed it into the top of the soil so light didn’t get to it. I don’t know if it was bad or good green stuff.

11/29 Both of the ladys have started growing alot, but still need them to get a bit taller before i put the plastic mulch layer on that came with the Earthbox. Been just keeping the top of the soil damp when ever it started drying out. And started putting a small about of water into the bottom.

12/1 Is the day that i put the cover on the soil, and filled the Earthbox with water for the first time.
I also put a bit of craftblend and kashi on the soil so it could start breaking down by the time the plants are bigger. I was always behind on my topdresses on my last grow so i might over do it on this grow. The second pic is from the day after when i checked under the cover and found all sorts of neat stuff growing lol

And now i think we are caught up on this grow, Im a pretty nice guy and loves talking shop about this new hobby so if there are any questions or suggestions im totally down for it, and ill keep this updated though out the grow!


Hi I’ve watched alot of build a soil YouTube videos there method of growing is great i like there earth boxes but unfortunately we dont get there products in Australia so I can’t try that type of grow i do grow organically i use worm castings bat guano volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass and kelp meal and alfalfa meal fish bone meal and sea bird guano with organic compost and i use a five gallon fabric pot with live worms in my pot i had great success doin this i have a white widow auto which is in week 8 of flower .here is a pic of my girl


Right on , the girls look great. thats what i like about buildasoil is they kinda promote making the stuff your self with what you can get, or in my case they sell the convience of it premade. Im for sure thinking about starting a worm bin for the casting and adding worms to my box. Ive seen some SIPs (earthbox) builds on youtube out of buckets if your really wanting to try the earthbox style. Did you have any problem with bugs at all? Im gonna have to look into some stuff just incase i get them from organics.

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No i never had any trouble with bugs or mold so far i think ive been lucky enough to not have them

You will be surprised how well ur plants will grow and how fast

Lucky! i just seen a few super tiny flying bugs, and i fully expect there to be a small amount with that soil and compost. So i went ahead and got some sticky traps just incase it gets bad. Yea these plants are much healthy than my last grow.

12/3 Pickles gave the ladys there daily inspection, everything looks great.



Man i used bottled nutrients withy last grow and yah it gave me 5.5 oz in harvest but i had alot of problems with bottled nutrients nute burn and deficiencies but this grow i havent had all that problem this time and i think i will get close to 350-450 grams this harvest.hey u want to keep ur cat out of ur tent they have a bad habit of eating the leaves

I will never go back to bottled nutrients its organics all the way now


Nice, my last grow i was fighting problem after problem. I got enough to get me by till this grow is done but it wasent the greatest. The buds looked good but not solid at all.

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Yah i know what u mean with my last grow the buds looked great but when dried they were airy they werent dence like they were on the plant but it was a good smoke

I never gave much though to bottled nutes. Didnt want all that work each time i watered. I was tired of PHing my water let alone mixing nutes. I think there is many ways to grow and i think this is the way for me lol

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I snapped a branch off while replacing a fan in my tent and it had two big buds on it i weighed the biggest one and it was 14.5 grams wet and the other one was 9.7 grams wet

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I believe theres only one true way to grow weed and thats how we do it all natural organics


I would like to do an outdoor grow one season but our laws here makes it really hard to get goin outdoors. A greenhouse is the only way close to be legal.

i see youtubers growin some big ol trees, and im kinda jelouse

I thought it was legal in the states

its different legality in each state, we got medical weed legal in missouri last year. and its pretty strict. You can have 6 adult plants, 6 seedlings, and you have to get a permit each year to grow. The permit you have to describe where your growing and stuff like that.

Yah but u can grow se plants in a good size tent aswell u just have to use the scrog method

Aha ok here in Australia its only legal in Canberra u can have two or three plants at a meter high but where i am its not legal i have to do it on the sly

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