Second time around - Trying a bit more organic

A friend had shared a seed - so starting last Wednesday with germination in paper towel, and put into a peat pellet on Friday, then transplanted to a forever home today. The roots were starting to stick out of the pellet earlier this morning, so the net was removed (thanks to the tip from @raustin ) This is my second time around trying with Autos (Couldn’t wait for the first to finish) and wanted to try things a bit more Organically due to some complications that were ran into the last round with Fertilizer and being new.

I prepared a soil mix for this lil’ one to be plated in a 5gal pot using the following with the hopes that it will be a more complete mix that will not require any use of liquid nutrient additions over the course of growth:

  • Promix
  • Worm Castings
  • Blood Meal
  • Bone Meal
  • Vermiculite
  • Epson Salts

Very interested to see how things will progress over the next few months and to compare as well as possible against the other autos. So far it looks to be a very determined plant and has broken soil quickly to make great progress in less than a week.

  • Strain; Top Cat Auto
  • Soil in pots
  • What is strength of nutrient mix: Mixed Organic Soil
  • Outdoor

The forum has been a great source of information and I hope a few will join in on this second journey!

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She’s off to a good start. Im set to watching. Good luck on the new grow.


Looks good so far, When you mix up a soil like you have you really should let it sit for a month or 2 before using so the soil is not too hot for your seedlings. Good luck you are heading in the right direction.

Thanks for the tip @mountainman1! I will make sure to do that next time around. So when letting it age for a few months does it allow the nutrients to settle in and evenly distribute? Do you lose any of the potency from the ingredients or does it just become more even absorbed/mixed with each other?

Exactly my friend, the blood meal and bone meal are considered to be hot ingredients and really benenfit from a little time and moisture to cool down and mix . There will be no loss in potency of your ingredients. It also allows time for bacteria and micro organisms to establish themselves before introducing the plants. Just keep an eye on seedlings in a mix like this, it might be a bit too hot for them. Its a good idea when using a mix of this type to fill your pot 3/4 full with the hot mix and add a layer of soil mix on top with less nutes to plant the seedlings into. Hope this helps.

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Things seem to be going well 13 days since starting germination. Noticed that after a heavy weekend of rain the cotyledon are starting to turn yellow. Not sure if this is an over watering sign or if they are almost done their work?

Things took a turn for the worse. It’s been very damp and rainy the past few days, ontop of it a group of grubs looked to have made a home in the pot that was being used. The lil’ lady was pulled from her home and placed in a very small container to try and recover. I’m not sure if things are too far gone, but figured it was worth trying a bit of a rescue mission. When she was pulled from the larger pot there were no side roots left only the large tap root. :disappointed_relieved: