Second SCROG attempt learning and needing advice

So I just got the net down over my plants in my tent for my second scrog grow. I have 2 power plants that I grew from clones. They are still in 20-4 veg stage timing. One had a rougher transplant than the other with some of the roots in the rootball coming off while I was repositioning the plant which I probably should have known better than to do but I really wanted it a different way. Learning every time I guess. The healthiest one already has a couple roots coming out the bottom of the pot a few days ago which really surprised me. Anyway here are the plants under the net I’ll get to my questions after.

The one in the back is the healthier one that had a very smooth transplant the one in the front had a rougher transplant as described before. As you can see I was able to lower the net so that it is already touching a few branches of each of the plants. The net is about 8 1/2 inches above the plants. If I wanted to push it I could lower the net another inch or maybe couple inches but it would make it much more difficult to water the plants and move around under the net I think. My question is mainly about the branches that I have tied down all around the plant using my Canna-Tie and zip tie stuff. Should I be keeping those tied down so that they have to grow up into the net the few inches that they are below it right now which would allow all of the inner branches exposed to grow to I would think or do I release them and have them go up to the net right away so that I just start tucking them along the net? Those are all from the front plant that had the transplant issue. The first two branches come with height measurements to the net for anyone with experience in this kind of growing who can tell me if I should be untying them completely/ loosening them/ or leaving them. Those are all from the plant with the smooth transition.
Right now the plants are under 4- 100 watt COB LED lights. I plan to hopefully be building a much better light very soon to have in the tent and use full cycle That should make a big difference for me in terms of my flowering cycle I would think but hey we’ll see it depends on when I can get it built and in.
I’m also currently building my greenhouse which means I’m converting a 10 ft by 20 ft Heavy duty carport into a greenhouse. I have my poly ordered and am waiting patiently for that to be delivered from the people at Northern Greenhouse. I’m planning on 4 plants in 50 gallon pots and using BuildASoil’s Potting Soil v3.0. But I’ll have more on that in another thread if your interested.


Looking good

I’ve done scrogs but I’m not sure I can help you out with such a bushy plant. I would ask @merlin44 @Watt-Sun and see what kind of pointers they can give you.

Looks very nice. :+1:t2::sunglasses:

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Thanks for tagging in some more experience. I do tend to grow rather bushy plants whenever given the chance. Lots of LST training and topping or FIMing depending on the plant.

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One thing you might want to think about is raising the lights during the first part of veg to make her stretch out some to reach the scrog and then lower the light down once she gets there.
Also, from what I’ve noticed, topping a lot will make the plant bushy. Wait till it gets closer to the scrog before topping. So many different ways to go about it. Lots of great scroggers on here. If you see anybodies journal and see their scrog, tag them in by add the @ symbol to there name and ask question.
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Thanks man I’ll be lookin around and seeing what I can find. The light stuff sounds good I should be able to use those heavy duty zip ties and bring the lights up so that there is only a couple inches between them and the top instead of the bit there is now with the pullies. I could try to put the net in sooner next time when the plants are transplanted into their final pots to. They had at least a week maybe 2 without the net because I enjoy being able to move the plants around on their dollies haha. But if I put the net in and slam it way down early then I’ll know how far up everything has to grow as well.

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You ought to check out @merlin44 grow how he has his scrogs. One for each plant.

Yea one over each plant would be amazing but it would be hard to pull that off in my 4ftx4ft tent. When I buy the next tent up that is a plan for sure. I might try doing a huge one outside in my greenhouse over one of the plants but honestly I’m not sure how well they work out outdoors. I’ve heard mixed results. And like inside I only have so much space.

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Another training tech. would be to pinch the inside stems to make them slow down which will allow the outside to catch up maybe. You might have to pinch them several times throughout the corse of a week or so.
Another trick would be to trim the lower leaves on the outside branches. That helps them to grow upward.
I believe every scrog I’ve done I ended up cutting off the lower branches eventually, if nothing else to get them out of my way.

Culling out some lower stuff will not only help with air movement but will also promote upward growth.


Nice looking scrog. Do u have it setup where u can undo one part of the string on the scrog where u can untie one side and pull the string thru the plant at the end. If not its gonna be a pain in the butt to try and unfeed all the buds thru the spots they r growing thru. Alot will run screws along top and leave the start and finish screws to be able to be pulled out and string unfed thru the plant but the net looks kick ass man sweet job nice and clean. Nice looking grow. Im following along as i am going to put one or 2 plants under a 4xr scrog this grow


Anything I can do to keep that air moving as much as possible is always appreciated. My last grow I had to deal with a bout of WPM which I had to keep battling for most of the grow. This time I’ve been doing a lot better with my preventative care and really spacing everything out because that WPM is a pain once its there it just doesn’t stop man. I really appreciate all the training tips. I’ll have to start showing some of my grows from early on so you can see what I’m doing from the start but I’m doing some of that. I haven’t been trimming the lower branches though which is probably part of why the girls look so busy right now. I’ll be giving them a good trim of what won’t be reaching the net eventually I just am unsure how this experiment leaving some of the larger branches tied down under the net will go.
I know its going to produce a lot of undergrowth but the real question is if there is enough time for that all to reach the net and be productive buds and such when I flip them rather than just more stuff that I have to trim off at that part. Its always so sad when I have to trim off all those parts that would make perfect clones but I just don’t have the room for all of them. I swear one of these days when I have the space I will be able to clone all of them endlessly and then just have them and give them to nice homes haha.


I actually do have a part that I can undo the string and run it back through the net if I wanted to at the end. I didn’t think of that at the end of my last grow either. I ended up cutting the buds wherever was easiest above or below the net to remove them and then just doing that for the whole plant and working my way around. Like you said it was not terribly easy. I’ll try to take a pic of the area of the net that I have that allows me to easily undo the string.

I’ll be replacing that part with an adjustable lockable pully like you use for lights etc… but I’m putting that in after this run. Basically the same pulley that I have on every corner holding up the net to make it fully adjustable height wise. That way I’ll be able to tighten the string if needed as well because I figure it may get a little loose the more I use it time and time again. I really like the idea of undoing the string at the end to harvest. Then I can just restring it nice and tight for my next session and have everything ready to go.