Second outdoor grow around the equator

Hi. So, this is my second attempt at this. Hoping I’ll do better than the first. So, I decided I take genetics more seriously this time. I went for a strain called Amnesia here (I’m not sure it’s the same as the popular Amnesia strain because you can never be sure if you aren’t buying from a trusted seed bank), but I’ve smoked it a number of times & the buzz is similar to what Amnesia is described as online. It happens to be the cheapest strain you can get your hands on here from the local good farmers who aren’t growing Bush weed.
Anyway, I have poultry birds, so I made a soil mix of dried poultry manure, wood ash & very little compost. Didn’t feel the need to try making a really rich super soil because I already ordered fertilizers. The plant was off to a good start and I’m 3 weeks in now. The problem now is my plant food is yet to deliver since last month & I feel the plant needs to be fed already. I’ve been having bug issues too, mostly those tiny white flies, so I spray a little dish wash + water mix on it. First time I did, there seemed to be no issues & the bugs were gone for a few days. They came back & I sprayed again. (Both Times I sprayed at night). The next day I began to notice some brown patches on some leaves but I can’t tell if the dish wash + water mix burned it or if it’s nutrients deficiency (calcium maybe).
Here are some pictures so that more experienced growers can give me helpful tips. I would appreciate the help.


Looking good so far. There is more than 1 kind of Amnesia. Amnesia, Amnesia Haze, Amnesia Kush and etc etc. so to really know you need to know what the parents are and this will tell you a lot about that particular strain.

There is no way to find out what the parents are. I basically got the seeds from some who got them from his Jamaican friend who visits here often. But any insight, ideas or advice on the brown patches?

Since you are near the Equator, it maybe getting to hot and is burning the leaves. I never got to see any of the “Bush Weeds” while there. I grow indoors and know nothing about outdoors.

The soil looks pretty rich, but looks like it doesn’t have much drainage. Depending on the weather, it might be staying too wet, especially toward the bottom of the container, making the roots unhappy. Also, check the leaves very thoroughly, bottoms of them, too, with magnification if possible. Make sure you don’t have any insects or eggs. Looks pretty healthy/happy, other than those spots, though!

Thanks. It was the bugs. I used some more dish wash+ water & they’re gone for a bit. Till next time. The weather is pretty hot around this time of the year so the soil dries up quickly. Had to add some wood shavings as mulch. I’m trying to stay 100% organic. :grimacing: chose not to use the Dyna-Gro because I found out it isn’t organic. So I water with drain water from my pond. I probably can find some organic fertilizers to buy if I look, but I’ve got some cattle, hundreds of birds, thousands of fishes & a few rabbits. I do not think I need to spend money on fertilizers. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I’m experimenting with pruning/topping training technique too. Here she is at almost a month.

That’s great news! If you’ve got all that manure already, no point in buying fertilizer. You could definitely make some badass super soil of what you’ve already got. The stuff I use is rabbit poop based. I bet if you find the right mixture, you could make some incredible teas, too. :+1: