Second opinions on M/F?

I asked opinions previously, and just wanted to update some pics for everyone’s opinion.
I suppose my main concern is these are random seeds and I see mostly 50-50 odds so I want to be vigilant.
These are pics of the 6 plants.

Oh yeah, these are outdoor plants, seeds popped first week of june

Looks too early to tell, but if planted in early June it may show sex soon. That said, some plants won’t show until early flowering.


Looks like you’re really close to “signs” but yea as MidwestGuy is saying it’s a bit early…. How tall are your plants :thinking:

God my patience is terrible lol
@grizZz 4 plants are 32-36 inch, other 2 are 20 inch. Odd to me because they were all planted same time, same medium, same schedule etc. But as I said, I have no idea what kind of seeds they were.

My grow is similar….I’d almost bet they’ll all show you within a week of themselves and you’ll be for sure about them all soon based on their heights which means ya gotta watch out for the males :wink::call_me_hand:t2:

@grizZz that sucks too because I am leaving for vacation and my plants “babysitter” ain’t gonna have a clue 1 from the other.

You’ll be ok…just make sure they don’t over do anything (your babysitter) like over feeding or watering…it IS possible to care too much with cannabis :sweat_smile: and this is why I said almost cause you could come back and they could’ve still not shown anything

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Like the others said, to early. I have a friend that has an outdoor plant going in Missouri, and I looked at it close two days ago because he’s a new grower, and I only found one pistil. Seems like it’s a little late in the season for them to not be flowering, but maybe not. I’ve never grown outdoors.

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Depends on the outdoor light hours. Im in michigan have 6 plants at my inlaws and none but the auto are showing signs yet. I yook 2 runtz clones there and they r looking mighty tasty so far