Second opinions appreciated

I’ve looked through three pages in this category and I’m fairly certain that one of my plants has a phosphorus deficiency, but would like to get a few more opinions before I go buy some bone meal. Water runoff has a ph of 6.8, watering every other day, nutes every other watering. Got a pic of the two next to each other to show the difference.

This is a better look at some of the leaves.

Are you growing in soil? pH 6.8 is pretty high. What pH are you putting in to it?
What type of water are you using?

What made you think phosphorus deficiency?


@Drinkslinger, I’m growing in fox farm ocean forest, I’m using distilled, and some of the phosphorus pics I’ve seen looked similar. It may be either that or magnesium, I think. Some pics look just like my leaves, for phosphorus or magnesium or even zinc deficiency, while others don’t.

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I think it looks like magnesium deficiency. Which happens frequently with distilled water.
You can add some calmag to your next feed/water, (which adds calcium and magnesium), or some pure Epsom salt will take care of the magnesium issue.

Since you’re using distilled water be sure to keep cal mag on hand. You’ll need it again.

Good luck and don’t forget to pH pH and pH.


Yep, Iooks like it could use some CalMag.