Second opinion on Deficiencies please

  • Bagseed ( Pina#11 flowershop*)
  • Above dirt 04/18/22
  • Method: sunshine mix #4 aggregate plus
    Amended with worm castings, pearlite, Dolomite lime to help stabilize PH, a small amount of diatomaceous earth as a preventative
    Mixed a heavy dose (3tsp/gal) of Real growers Grow Dots.
    Calmag 4ml/gal every day with 1 gallon of water.
    Real Growers Recharge every 3-5 days.
  • Vessels: 5 gal Fabric pot
  • PH of Water in/out: 6.5/6.3
  • PPM/TDS: 1000 total (my tap is about 90)
  • Indoor
  • Light system: HLG Diablo 200
    HLG 200 Diablo Horticulture Lighting Group
  • Temps; 81 High day, 68 Low night Avg 79 day, 71 night.
  • Humidity; 64 High 48 Low Avg 60RH
  • Ventilation system; Yes, AC Infinity Cloudline T4
  • No AC, No Humidifier,
    *Small Dehumidifier “240sq ft” in tent
  • Co2; No supplemental Co2.

My method seemed to be working just fine until about 5 days ago, i noticed some lower inside fan leaves turning a pale green color, and some browning of leaf edges and tips.

This has been getting progressively worse, it has started to affect leaves moving up the plant, the first leaves affected are now falling off quite easily, my first guess is Phosphorus deficiency.
I have some bottled Bloom Nutrients if thats the case.

Looks like old dying fan leaves the plant doesn’t want any more. Pretty normal for about 3 weeks into flower. A bloom booster is a good idea but I’m not seeing signs of anything bad.

FYI likely don’t need supplemental C and Mg in soil as it along with silica should be present in abundance. That said; watch for a C def in flower; especially under high performance LED’s.


Thank you for the quick reply, i will supplement some bloom Nutrients, hopefully that will help slow it down.

Do the full plant pictures where you can see discoloration in the leaf fingers not look concerning at all?
She seems quite perky, i assume its just using its stored reserves as needed?

The medium i use is actually peat based, its been less than optimal in regards to going acidic, probably my fault in storage and taking too long to use it.
So i used Dolomite Lime, but i saw a few cal/mg spots again, so i have started the cal/mg again.

Mild calcium deficiency based on the interveinal chlorosis. Gucci lights do make plants C and Mg hungry, along with a likely low PH which will lock out certain nutrients. Do the slurry test so you know what exactly you are working with.

Slurry test: Mix 1/4 cup of your medium into 1 cup of distilled water. Let stand for 30 minutes then measure PH.

Runoff test for salt content: water with low TDS water like your tap until about 20% of the liquid you put through is runoff. Capture the last 1/4 cup and measure PH and TDS. This will tell you loads about where you need to go with your plant.

I’m assuming you have decent PH and TDS meters.


I will give that a go, i have an Apera PH20 for my PH and a decent tds meter, but i dont rember the brand. i appreciate your help.

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