Second opinion on black sports

I had a couple of these very small spots Sunday and then today yellow. I’m thinking cal mag deficiency. But the more i read the more I’m thinking something else or a couple things.
Here’s pictures any help is appreciated ph is 6.5 and runoff is 6.67

What nutes if any are being used?

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Looks like some kind of Bug.

I’m using fox farm at half strength im wondering if i should flush and just ride it out with just watering. I have never had this before and want to pull my hair out. I’m also thinking about giving one of them Epson salt and see what happens

Hopefully this can help determine the issue, it looks like it could be a few things.

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Id say its a nutritional deficiency
Increase the streagh of you mix
You should be feed in the 1500 ppm range
If you follow the feeding chart youll be inbthe 1800-2000 which is high

Do you uave runoff ppm info


No i don’t have ppm just the ph numbers