Second level for scrog? Northern Lights

Greetings fellow growers! So I had 4 Northern Lights x Big Bud clones, 3 of which i decided to scrog. They went outside June 1st. I built a 10’ x 2’ scrog net (trying to keep is inconspicuous) and have been weaving branches for about a month. The method is certainly working as I’ve completely filled up the net with a crazy number of lateral shoots. The problem is that I underestimated how quickly and fully these would grow and now I’m out of room. Can’t tuck anymore.

My question is, should i put up a second net starting a few inches above the current canopy? The purpose wouldn’t be to continue tucking…simply to spread out all of the bud sites. If so, should I wait until thw stretch begins? Im at lat 42 so they should start flowering in a couple weeks in the northeast.

I’d appreciate any input. Thanks!


You could always prune the branches until it starts to flower.


You can add a second screen for bud support, lots of people do


That’s beautiful. Welcome to ILGM! I’d go with another net, maybe 6" or so above where they’re at now. Once they start flowering, they’re going the stretch and get pretty tall out in the sunshine. I don’t know if inconspicuous is going to be an option at that point, but keep spreading them out, they’ll be monsters! :v:


Ha! Thanks! I’ve scrogged before but my timing was better in the past apparently. Indoor scrog is obvioulsy aay easier to control. I think I’ll wait another couple weeks to add the second level. Should start to flower soon, so I’m thinkin if i set it up a week into stretch I’ll be in good shape. Obviously still have some pruning left, but I like to take that slow. Thanks again!


You could do that.

I would just super crop like crazy too it starts to flower.

Your branches will strengthen and you might not have to add a second net for support


I hadn’t even considered that. Great idea. Thanks!

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