Second indoor grow. Lighting and plant questions…

Newbie here. Hoping I could get some help. Second attempt at indoor grow. Made some beginner mistakes the first round and hoping to have better luck this time.

My grow area is basically an “L” shaped room in my garage where I use an 8x7 area 7’ 6” tall for flower and have a 2x4 veg tent, table, and shelving for storage, mixing, cloning , etc. in the long narrow section of the “L” shape. It is insulated with a/c and heat. It is also completely sealed. Total sq footage is 126 sq ft.

I currently have an HLG 600w QB288 that I used to flower(this was a kit). And 2 4 foot T5 2 bulb fixtures for early veg.
I have 4 clones that I have had for just over 2 weeks thinking it’s about time to transplant to larger pots.
Temps currently around 80 and humidity around 52%
Will be using pro mix hp with micro
Advanced nutes a-b
Ro water
Ph 6.5(still checking and adjusting even though an says you don’t need to)
Water when cups are light
Have 2 oscillating fans
Dehumidifier when needed
Ro water is stored in room with an air pump/stone to keep oxygenated

My questions are:
Are the T5’s the proper light for this stage? Or should I use the big light on low?
The plants look burnt to me and I have been feeding very lightly.
I want to get more lights for flower. I am willing to spend the money for quality. Just want to make the right decision as it is a big investment. I like the HLG’s but I also have been looking at the ppf tech Quadz 660 at my local grow shop. It advertises a bit more ppf than what I have and the same coverage but the physical size is much larger than Hlg and with my room size I wonder if that would be benificial for better coverage.

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have been reading this forum for a while and enjoy the knowledge and willingness you all have to help. Thanks for reading!

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I’m pretty sure they are supposed to be much closer. @dbrn32 can explain better than I.

I know it’s 8 inches max distance for t8. so I can’t imagine t5s would be much more. 10-12 probably. when I used t5s way back 4 months ago for seedlings. I was within 10" from bulb to leaf. Worked fine. Just upgraded fast.


Do u have drain holes in the cups they look super swamped and well look water logged and pretty bad. Whats the water routine u do. Are u feeding already something is making these babies twist and shout.


I think they look a little overwatered too.

For rooting clones your light is probably about right. For vegging healthy mature plants would probably want it a little closer.

@Myfriendis410 is more in tune with promix, but i think ph around 6.0 would be a little better for you. And if you’re allowed to get completely dry may cause some problems too. But let’s see what he has to say.

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Are these rooted clones that went into these cups two weeks ago or cuts with no roots?

Thanks for the response. I did have them much closer but the way the leaves are curling thought it might be too close too soon?

Yes there are drain holes. My routine has been give them a drink when dry. About every 3 days so far. I have mixed 1ml per gallon of a & b sensi grow and only watered each plant with a couple ounces of water each time. Is that too much?

These are rooted clones transplanted into these solo cups. Thinking light should be closer and less water more frequent?

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Rooted clones that went into these cups 2 weeks ago.

The pics are deceiving as the soil does look wet but it is actually dry and the cups are light. Thank you all for your quick responses. This is very frustrating to me because i really want this to work. I am an avid and successful vegetable Gardner but for some reason having a hard time dialing this in. I am starting to think something is up with my water?? I am on a well but I ro’d the water. My last grow developed absolutely no roots. I am blaming a combination of things. I think I may have overwatered in the beginning and was using too cold of water. The water I gave these plants has been between 68-70 deg f. Not sure how critical water temp is but just trying to do everything right.

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Hmm, maybe you are onto something. Not developing roots could be a few things. In my experience there are some bugs that could destroy a root system, certain enzyme additives can decompose roots too, but if thet never developed is usually from root zone remaining too wet.

Something that may help is to go to a larger container if clones are already rooted. If you’re not already, incorporate Something like tribus, great white, or mycos.

TripleK, you have a good set up, I see something, bring the light at 18” from the cups! I wouldn’t go any lower, risk of burning the leaves. That should fix your light problem. Hope that helps you with your grow. FYI my 2x4 tent has a bp2500, 2 plants, Blackjack, and Vemon OG in dwc. My flower tent, Maxsisun 4000, works like a charm. Every 80 something days Budz! For me :fire: medicine! So far 2 Runtz, small plants, 4.7/8 oz, Super lemon Mac, 5.3 oz, Blackjack just hung it? Sour Tangie still waiting to pull it.

Water temp is okay. Beneficial microbes or a little honey water in your soil may do it. If the roots aren’t damping off or they are being killed by bacteria they can’t handle yet. As dbrn said, myko,gw,tribus are beneficial microbes. I definitely won’t grow without tribus ever again, crazy good stuff. When I clone I only use honey tea. 100% success so far. No cloner. Just a cup, soil and honey tea. (Tbsp to half liter of boiling water immediatly removed from heat after adding honey).

No, that’s not enough water, must not ever get any runoff with that little amount of water. When my plants are in solo cups, they get 4-6 oz of water, til there is some runoff.

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I use 4-foot, 4-bulb, T-5 fixtures for seedlings. I measured the amount of light they put out and the proper amount of light for seedlings is at about 8 inches.

Your lights aren’t the problem.

Transplanted to bigger pots. Moistened pro mix slightly with ph’d water to 6.5 after putting .5 ML of tribus to 1 gal. Filled pots using solo cup to make hole, sprinkled a little great white on roots, and planted. Added 1.5 ML of a & b sensi grow and 1.5 ml of cal mag to remaining 3 liters of water. Watered each plant about 8 oz each. Seems light on water but I am super gun shy to overwater. These plants had good looking roots when removed from solo cups and held together nicely. Lights are 16” from top of plants. Any and all suggestions or comments are welcome. I appreciate your help!

Forgot to mention I did buy some water last night to try something different. I would think that my ro’d well water would be fine but something is off and I just need to correct it. Thanks again!

Should I always water to runoff with promix? Hard for me to grasp the concept of not overwatering when putting that much water in to get runoff….

Start using fabric pots. It’s almost impossible to overwater a plant in a fabric pot. I mean it is possible, but you’d have to water them all the time. I soak my plants once a week (water til runoff or my favorite, submerge the pot in a bucket of water) and water every 2-3 days (when they start to feel light).

Thanks for the reply oldmarine. Their final home will be in 10gal fabric pots. I am not confident in putting these small plants in that big of pot until I dial in my watering routine. Appreciate the help!