Second harvest, better yield


Harvested a little early due to hurricane which didn’t hit us,but my heart goes out to the people it did.


How much do you have, fresh cut?


Nice job @Mrcrabs👍
That’s my goal to improve on my grow every year.


Very nice :+1::+1:


About 100grams still wet. My first attempt I got 15 grams dry. I’m new to aquaponics so didn’t want to grow a ilgm seed just yet. This was a bag seed.


@Jmesser80 Have a happy b day. :birthday::birthday:


I’m in the same boat. I have learned a lot on here, but I am not ready to invest just yet.


Thank you @Mrcrabs!


Beautiful green hanging in which to smoke when the day is right


Looks great @Mrcrabs nice job


Is this aquaponics? It looks l;ike DWC.


@latewood Yes, it was my trial and error aquaponics, I was a dwc , it was my second try, but I’m getting better results with dual root zone, without DRZ I got some deficiencies. I would change water every two weeks, so I was the pump., but it works better if you change water weekly.


@latewood, Hopefully after I finish remodeling the grow room, I want to connect my system together. I Didn’t want to invest until I knew It would work for sure. It’s working

so now I can put a system together get a good harvest.


OK. Not sure where we are at but, you do not change out water in
aquaponics. You want to build an aquaculture and allow bacteria and
microbes to flourish.


@latewood Yes, I probably didn’t explain my self , its a prototype, till I can piece it all toghter. The water from this system

which contains about 200 shortfin mollies,which feeds my plants which are in Dual root zone Deep water culture ,not recirculated , just yet, didn’t want to make that big investment if I could get decent yeilds. I my self have changed the water from the 5 gallon buckets every week, which go back to the outside pond and have very little water loss. Which has been working alright. I know if I could set it up all conected this system can be very effective.


My fist attempt didn’t care about the yield , just wanted to see if I could do it.
Second attempt got better yield but had deficiencies , Since I was inspired by @Dumme dual root zone. Where he built his own canvas bags, I attempted to do drz dwc , have been getter results and less deficiencies , still working out the kincks and don’t have the $$$ at the moment to buy liners, make biofilters and all the others expenses that might pop along , this I how I have been doin it. So what do you think @latewood


@latewood hey buddy, in other words, my outside little pond is my hydro shop where I go get my nutrients,then when I’m done with the nutrients I take them back and dump them into a 30 gallon container, Refill my buckets , then refill the pond back with used water form the 30 gallon container. I change the fishes diet according to veg or flower stage. Thanks to @BrayneGro I have food that is high in Nand another high in P&K,

hopes this clears it up a bit. I guess it an aquaponics hybrid,