Second harvest, better yield


Harvested a little early due to hurricane which didn’t hit us,but my heart goes out to the people it did.


How much do you have, fresh cut?


Nice job @Mrcrabs👍
That’s my goal to improve on my grow every year.


Very nice :+1::+1:


About 100grams still wet. My first attempt I got 15 grams dry. I’m new to aquaponics so didn’t want to grow a ilgm seed just yet. This was a bag seed.


@Jmesser80 Have a happy b day. :birthday::birthday:


I’m in the same boat. I have learned a lot on here, but I am not ready to invest just yet.


Thank you @Mrcrabs!


Beautiful green hanging in which to smoke when the day is right


Looks great @Mrcrabs nice job