Second growth ..or going perenial from anual weed!

so after my first harvest, i couldn’t bear to let my Ladies just Die. so i experimented, i left some of the smaller buds on, and put them under 24 hour light for 4 weeks. the results were they went back into Veg…then they went BESURK! time will tell what the crop is like but im thinking in the 5 lb grow bags i have some pretty healthy root system and a small tree trunk to get the good stuff to the Coala buds!!! see attached pic!


Super interesting. When will you flip?

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This works the same way it would if you took a clone during flower I’ve heard of it done on YouTube never actually seen it done great looking girls

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just did a bit of pruning of the top tips to stop them getting tall…my biggest challenge is stopping my girls growing to 7 foot! so i’m trying to avoid that this time so i’ll giv them another week at most, that will be about 10 weeks from dying brown sticks after first harvest to switch to 12X12 to get them into flowering. probably take another 3 weeks to get well into flower than i’ll change light to 14 on 10 off. i find 12/12 seems to kill the plants befor they grow thier best buds on all branches…probably because LED is less light intensity than HPS bulbs…but then i don’t have to worry as much about burning down my house with 220watt LED lights! and heat removal is less of an issues

oh yes by the way that’s a 4’x4’ x 7’ grow tent so that isn’t 7 foot to the top of the tent.

these are without a doubt my healthiest and fastest grown potential harvest! the yield is yet to be seen but it’s looking VERY promising. oh and they are LOVING just plain old rain water no Nuets …that said i sunk enough nuets into the 5lb grow bags on the first go round and didn’t a little leaf burn, it’s probably now a perfect mix since it’s had 20 gallons of plain water to wash it’s all down with LOL

funny enough i took clones during flowering and cloned…the6 are doing great to! they call it supper cropping!!! fingers crossed that’s an accurate description of the harvest to come from my clones

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