Second Grow-Zkittlez Autoflower

Doing things a little different on this one. Want to do a comparison of the first one, while still documenting this grow. First grow is still on going which be seen using the below link. Instead of daily update I will doing weekly ones.

Shazm’s First Grow

Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest

Soil should support grow for about 4-5 weeks, from what I read.

Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients Grow and Bloom A&B

Nutrients will be added after original soil nutes are gone.

Week one of new plant has seen a nice start, see below. Soaked seed in water for 24hrs. Then used a rooter cube to germ from there. Interesting note on this using the rooter cube. I was just using water and didn’t see to much grow if nothing else it was just hurting the sprout. So mixed up some very very light sensi grow and used that. Defiantly took off from there. After seeing just a few small roots coming out, placed in final pot with Ocean soil. Now nothing but water from now on. I will try and do a comparison pic on this one week by week with the first one.

New plant 1 week growth:

First Grow 1 Week Growth:


Week 2 update

Going really well. So far Fox Farm Ocean Forest seems to be a little more hassle free. and the results are surprising. Maybe I would have had the same with coco if I had understood it better to begin with. I have already decided on this new plant I will be topping, she is just not ready yet.

New Plant 2 Week Growth:

First Grow 2 Week Growth:

Quick Mid week Update.

Decided to top her. How did I do?

Ayyyye thanks for linking me. She looks healthy.

yeah that fox farm stuff seem to be really nice to work with upfront. Interesting to see how easy it will be after she sucks up all the nutes.

Week 3 Update

Going well, nothing crazy to report except for the nice growth. She seemed to take to the topping just fine.

New Plant 3 Week Growth:

First Grow 3 Week Growth:

Week 4 Update

This one still going strong. I think i like the topping way more than LST. So far it is keeping the plant management real easy. OF soil still going strong with no signs yet of needing anything but water.

Second plant Week 4

First Plant Week 4

Week 5 Update

She really grew fast. Almost catching up with the other one.

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Looks super happy :sunglasses:

Week 6 Update

Still go well for this one. Gave her some nutes during the week, just one feeding. Sensi bloom, big bud and cal mag. Been giving cal mag with every other watering.

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Week 7 update

Still going very well with this one. She has gotten so big she is basically blended in with the other.