Second grow with Auto's with more experimentation

This is my second grow ever, I did five plants on my last grow without supplementing any type of feeding regiment or LST. Out of five plants, i averaged about 15-18g per plant. I ran into some issues down the stretch because I was a newbie and didn’t know I needed to supplement calmag going into the flowering stage. Not this time!

I’ve changed my vessels from standard 3.7 gallon plastic pots to 5 gallon cloth pots. Still using FF Happy Frog but now I am using their fertilizer program with Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. I have one plant (pictured below, Jack Herer) that has been a runt since the seedling stage and just has not managed to catch up. One OG has a bit of nute burn on older leaves but it is very minimal and has not inhibited growth. The other Jack and OG have responded well to everything and appear to be well on their way.

I did atleast attempt do low stress training on this grow. It definitely looks like i have more cola’s but the plants seem to have chased the light a bit BUT they are not nearly as tall or bushy compared to my last grow at one month in. I had a bit of a problem with the light chasing on the last grow which ultimately hurt my yields. (They got wayyyyy too tall)

What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed: Jack Herer, OG Kush

Method: Organic Soil

Vessels: Cloth Pots

PH of Water, 6.4


Light system: Two 600w LED.

Temps; 67-69° day and night.

Humidity; 48-52%

Ventilation system; Yes, intake and outtake w/auxiliary fan.

Two weeks ago, when I first started their LST.

Two weeks later

The last photo is what I consider to be the “runt”. The shell was biting super hard after germination and caused a good bit of damage to the first leaves. It just seems to have not excelled like the other plants.


@Bulldognuts @Nicky

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Looking good :+1: healthy and happy.

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From what you said it looks like this is going be a different experience this time. Looking good


Looking good.

What’s the true Wattage on those lights?
Also your aware that you don’t need to feed nutrients in fox farms until ppm is below a certain point for that stage of the growth right?

I can already tell your going to get alot more bud this time.


Those lights have a true wattage of 100. They’re not the greatest lights but they’ve done well on a budget since I’m just starting out.

And I had no idea, just thought it was a time based regiment. Time to bust out the meter :sweat_smile:

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Yes bust out the meter. Otherwise your blindly feeding a hot medium with nutrients which will lead to over feeding, nute burn, stunted growth, PH lockout due to salt build up etc.

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I just did a flush with sledgehammer about 4 days ago so hopefully that may have helped with any nute lockout/build up but I will check the meter for sure.

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I never had to flush fox farms when I grew with it, but then again I only fed nutes after my plants ate what was available in the soil. About week 4 the soil runs out of nutrients but have to check that first of course.

@Nicky @Bulldognuts @SKORPION

Well the ladies are nearing the end of their life cycle. Much thanks to Nick for some words of wisdom. Using the meter was very beneficial to ensure I was feeding the plants appropriately. Never ran into any sort of nutrient or pest issue this time around so this was a far better experience rather than my first grow.

I have noticed that the plant that is always in the back left corner of my tent always grows super tall compared to the rest so I’m figuring it has something to do with the lighting. I probably waited a little to long to start lst on that particular plant but it was far ahead of the others in terms of size bur the smaller plants look to have produced far more flower.That is the only plant that suffered just because it stretched so much. Dunno if it’s any coincidence but they were both the same strain as well, although I did not implement LST on that first grow.

Sorry about the lighting for photos I have to put in another light.

Next on deck is skittlez and Bruce Banner or gsc/gorilla glue.

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Your welcome :smile_cat:

You are right about it being the lighting, less lighting = stretch.
Time to get another light.
Remeber to look at true Wattage, I recommend kingbrite (Alibaba)