Second grow (White Widow) indoor set up good to go (day 10)

Well the second grow is on. Tent, light, filter and fan all going strong.IMG_2770


Looking good :+1: I will follow along if it’s ok.

Looking good :+1: Best of luck!! I’ve heard WW grows well and easily

Looks good :+1: I’ll grab my :popcorn::chocolate_bar:🧋 and I’m ready


YEAH, follow along all you want “thanks”. My second grow after two outside with terrible dirt, terrible sunlight. Indoor setup should be great. EVEN got some good dirt from local HYDRO store, Nectar of the Gods. So with all the right stuff and paying attention to dirt, light, temperatures this should grow a lot better.


Well the second grow is going well. Temps steady at 85° humidity at around 60-72%. I swapped the pots around in the tent just to move the plants around, nothing scientific about it. Was looking for any help on the issue of ---- The plant on the right is doing great, full, budding and green. One on the left is starting to sprout better but just kind of yellow and sloooooooow. Not sure what the deal is. Both planted and started growing at the exact same time. Same dirt, same water, same light, same conditions. I have no idea.

Looks like it may be over watered how often and how much have you been watering?

I only water when the top of the soil is pretty dry. I usually dig a little bit up to see if the under side dirt is moist. I water both the same amount at the same time.

How often in hours or days?
If you are watering every day or every other day it’s to much try waiting longer
Not all plants react the same way even if it’s the same strain

Well we are on day 40. Guy on the left refuses to grow and the fool on the right is growing good but seems to be yellow and kind of stubborn. I water about once a week, and have been keeping the light on for about 15 hours a day. I just hit them both with some Alaskan fish fertilizer (use it for my wife’s roses) not a lot very diluted but enough food for a snack. Not sure what is keeping the guy on the left so angry and seems like not much growth at this point. Average temp ranges down to 70 and as high as 83 in the tent. I guess that is a stable range for an entire day. Humidity is pretty set at around 55-65%. Anyone have any thoughts on if the guy on the right should be doing better? The poor bastard on the left is just struggling since starting. Also for the guy on the right is there any stance on “topping” the plant for a more BUSHY grow or just let it do its thing? Thanks everyone for any input have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving.