Second grow white widow auto

Grow them till they start showing pistils them put them on 12/12 but you can keep them on any light schedule you want! @Onlythebest79


Ok. So until I see the pistols leave in veg state and that’s what I’ll do. Is there a time frame that those pistols start to show on these autos?But can I induce them to flowering early because the time they should be ready harvesting I will be getting ready for a cruise to Cuba and I’ll be gone for a week. So I’m hoping to at least have them harvested before I leave and I can leave them in drying tent on lowest cfm fan setting while I’m gone and that don’t dry them out to much before I get back.

I just finished a couple of white widow autos. In 2 different tents. One I kept on 18/6 & the other 12/12. The 18/6 tent finished earlier wth denser buds. The 12/12 had bgger buds, but not as dense

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Do you have like a time frame that they’ll start flowering I just want to make sure I don’t mess these up because what I harvest off these pants has to last me a few months until I can get setup in my new house

My seeds popped April 2nd & they began flowering May 5th. I’d say 3-4 weeks.

They flower when they’re ready @Onlythebest79 the veg and flower is strictly in there genes.

@North_East_Newbie @bob31

Ok I got you now and thanks just want to make sure I’m on top my game so I can get most out of a little

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When is the cruise @Onlythebest79

Mid october

You’ll be fine. That’s more than enough time! @Onlythebest79

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@Onlythebest79 I doing a super hash auto right now started showing pistols in about 18 from sprout
Just to give you an idea how fast they grow
I’m doing mine 14/10 schedule and will leave it there till done


Yes that was my next question what time should i leave it on. As I started my first grow on 18/6 switched to 14/10 once I got more knowledge and just switched to 12/12 and my babies are thriving. Now I’m doing a second grow with all autos and was wondering what light cycle to put them on and leave it there or follow the traditional lighting schedule.

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I’m also 100% germination on my WWA beans from ilgm.


I would go with the 14/10 schedule myself as it was recommended to me by a few of the mods

Ok there buddy 10/4 Roger that and out

How’s everything going otherwise brother
The bnew house coming along well ?

It’s going well so far. We are starting the permitting through the county in August on the house. As right now I’m going back and forth on the blueprints to make sure we have everything where we want it to go. Other than that I’m just chillin taking care of my family loving life and pampering my beans. How’s it going upstate

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All good up this way brother doing the same taking care of the family and property and tending my gardens I have one more tent that should be finished by the end of the week or week after then I’ll hang a dry that
My last harvest is drying nicely and should start getting jarred up sometime this week or next weekend I’m guessing but you can’t rush this part
The drying and curing is just as important than the actual growing imo


Gm fellas and happy 4th of July. Here’s an update of my four newly adopted WWA babies. They are thriving under the meizhi 600w led light. One of the babies came a few days late but none the less she’s here and doing good.

Have a great day and enjoy your families today



They’re looking great!

Happy 4th :us:

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