Second Grow ventilation

I finished my first grow in December and I’m getting ready for my second! The first grow went way better than I expected. I’m going to keep everything the same for my second grow, but there was one thing…towards the end, they really started to stink! I grew in a closet in one of the bedrooms and I didn’t have a carbon filter fan.

If I purchased a carbon fan, like you would for a tent, and put it on the floor in the room with the door shut, Would it scrub the air and remove the smell?

I had my DIL joking that I smelled like weed. I blew it off the best I could and my daughter got suspicious. It was kind of funny, but I need to address the smell before I give 'er another try!


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It would help, but that is not ideal setup for carbon filter. Simply circulating air through filter in a room won’t keep the room under negative pressure. Which means the scent could and probably will leak out through door or any other transitions in the room. In a perfect world you would exhaust to a different room, attic, or outside. While there is other potential issues with this, it would keep the room under negative pressure. That would make sure any of the transitions in the room would be pulling air in, instead of potentially allowing it to leak out.


Thanks for your input…appreciate it!

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If you aren’t able to do what was stated above I’d look into a ozone machine they are a bit costly but do amazing things for getting rid of odor I use one in my home not only for my plants but I also have working dogs that get stinky lol

Oh, that sounds interesting…I have to go check it out! Thanks