Second Grow: Tri-Leaf mutation

Hey guys,

This is my first post here. I’m about 2 and a half weeks into my second grow and I decided to start a journal. My first grow (2 plants, Skywalker OG and Cali Dream) went all the way through harvest and yielded about 88 grams of decent (kinda leafy) weed. Currently, it has finished drying and is continuing to cure. I had small issues with the first grow but was able to handle each problem. I think I had huge issues with PH so I’ve upgraded my PH tester!

Here’s my setup:

I am using a mixture of Fox Farm OF + HF with a little extra perlite. The plants were just transplanted to bigger pots earlier this week so I am currently only giving them fresh water. In the future I’ll be using Fox Farm Trio nutrients. I have a 2000w Spider Farmer light and a 600w Mars Hydro light, I will probably purchase another Spider Farmer when the plants get a little bigger. I keep the humidifier at 60RH. The AC Infinity fan kicks on when the temp raises above 77 degrees. The lowest the temp gets is probably around 67 degrees.

Here’s a picture of my current setup:

The second grow is starting out well. I’ve converted my closet to house seven plants. I germinated eight seeds and one didn’t sprout. I have three Skywalker OG (Fem), three Blue Dream (Fem), and one seed I found in my sack about a month ago. Turns out it’s a tri-leaf? I’ve included pictures of some seedlings here:

That last picture is at 2 and a half weeks old. To be honest it doesn’t even look like a pot plant to me but I swear I found it in my weed.

I noticed some slight discoloration with the leaves earlier this week that I initially attributed to dirt since I had just transplanted them. After taking some macro pictures I noticed there are small white eggs on all of the affected leaves! (Pictures also included here). I’m unsure what type of pest I have. I haven’t seen any gnats or mites so hopefully I caught the issue early enough to treat.

I did some research and decided to go with an essential oils mixture for repellant. I read a lot about neem oil but also read that a lot of people are allergic to it.

I mixed eucalyptus oil (2.5mg), peppermint oil(2.5mg), tea tree oil (1mg), lavender oil (1mg), and dish soap (5mg) all into 1 liter of warm water. This mixture was sprayed on top of all of the plants today (10.08.20) and I think I’ll spray them again in a few days.

I didn’t deal with any pests during my first grow so I’m hoping this concoction works! Any pointers are welcome, let me know what you think. I’ll be posting the progress as the plants continue to grow!!


I been using this outside

Fights mold and mildew also.

There are also “hot pepper” concoctions that pest really dislike that you can whip together.

Habanero sauce in compound insect eyes can be a real deterrent

I wouldn’t worry about that three leaf mutation. That’s Just gonna help it be a little more hearty


Nice do you use it during flower too or just veg? I like that it’s a fungicide as well. I am going to buy an actual product soon but I am totally not familiar with treating pests. Should I be concerned about indoor vs outdoor? I went with my ess. oil mix cause it was immediately available and presumably safe for the plants.

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I never had to concern myself to much with bugs indoors other than fungus gnats.

I just bought the product the other day when I seen some leaf miners and I’m in flower so I never used it in veg.

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Welcome friend, nice start, tell me ,did you like the skywalker, that’s what I got going now


Jack’s bug spray is very popular around here and is completely safe to use until the last two weeks of flower. Whatever you use be sure to get the underside of the leafs to.


Hey thank you. The OG had a nice high but came out a little harsh (like barely) so I’m letting it cure a little longer before I try it again. I would attribute that to me not knowing what I was doing though, lol. It didn’t smell as good as the Cali Dream but maybe it’ll develop some stank while its sittin in the jars.


Nice I just ordered some, it’ll be here Monday. I sprayed them with my ess oils mixture and gave them a half a dose of cal mag yesterday. There was no additional browning this morning so hopefully the issue is one of those two things (or combination of both). Thank you for the recommendation guys @TDubWilly

I have some time lapse footage of that tri leaf I’ll be posting soon.


Here’s an (almost) 4 week update:

Most of the plants are doing really well. I got the Trifecta in last week but have only used it outside. It smells really good. I think the issues I was experiencing earlier were calmag deficiency and not bugs. It’s weird to me because none of the other plants are showing those symptoms. All plants got the same mixture of soil. Also, I used FFOF for my first grow and didn’t have to give any calmag until later. Same strain too.

After seeing the yellowing I gave them all a dose of calmag and one of the Blue Dreams showed nitrogen tox right after:

I think I’ll just be giving the OG’s calmag next feeding.

Today I tied down the tops of the plants to form an even canopy. I was contemplating topping some of them but decided with LST instead. I’ll try topping with future grows but right now I think allowing an even flow of light across the entire plant will be more beneficial.

The tri leaf is doing something interesting. It looks like it’s splitting into two main stems:

All in all I think it’s going ok. I’m not too worried about the one OG but I’ll be giving it a dose of calmag tomorrow. Hopefully that will sort out the yellowing issues. I’m wondering if there are issues with FFOF and HF or if this one specific plant for some reason needs more than average amounts of calmag. Any ideas or recommendations are welcome!


Quick update…

I think I’ve pinpointed the yellowing/rusting issue. I’m seeing a couple of the Blue Dreams with wavy tips which is something I experienced with my first grow and I think the two connected:

The only thing I’ve kept consistent is the General Hydroponics PH up / down. I use it to PH the water before feeding them and I’m almost positive it’s lowering the PH of the soil to below ideal conditions. We have alkaline tap water here and I have to use about 1.5 ml of PH down just to get the ph to 6.5ish. I’ve decided to stop using the PH adjusters altogether and will try to PH the water with organic fertilizers or not at all. I think maintaining healthy microbes in the soil is more important than adjusting PH and in my case adjusting the PH was killing the microbes and also causing salt build up.

I watered the plants with a molasses / microbe brew and the yellowing has completely stopped. It is still there but has not spread. PH going in was 7.2 and came out around 6.2. The plants are getting transplanted tomorrow. I’m gonna give them a very healthy watering to hopefully wash out some of the salt build up from the PH down.