Second Grow Purple express


Can some one tell me what home co2 should smell like if u get it right. And what it smells like when its wrong as i made it and already it smells like alcohol. @dbrn32 @raustin


Some new pics today before i even tried to add my co2 which i think i messed up. But am unsure of what it should be like. Anyway pics.

Now dont they look stunning today.
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I don’t mess with the diy co2. But I would imagine it would depend heavily on the method you used. If you’re using yeast and sugar, that’s essentially whiskey mash so I would guess it normally smells like alcohol.

I bet if you started a new topic and asked you’d get a lot of feedback.


When did you take pic? They usually droop some during lights off, so if you got them right at lights on or after a heavy watering they will kind of do that.


If it smells like alcohol, you’re doing it right. :blush: You should also see bubbles at the top of the mixture.


Oh goody i believe i have gotten it right i will pull out the co2 reactor at night probaly a little bit before lights out since i dont want too much going on but i am trying all different things keeping notes etc apart from last week in and out hospital i have tried to stay on top of it all. But thanks for helping out. I wasnt sure but the more and longer i leave the co2 in there the happier the girls are looking one more so than the other but still all is good.


Here is a couple new wee snap shots since thismornings pics were taking these were done as we speak basically.


They look beautiful, Mikos. You’re doing a great job!


Thanks. Can anyone tell if they think the co2 made any difference. And can you tell me what to do with the reactor at night do i remove it or can i leave it in besides the girls. @dbrn32 @raustin @Shuggz @bob31 @Donaldj @Kapelady @M4ur @Nug-bug


Your girls look great, Mikos, but i think it’s too early to tell if the C02 is having any effect. As long as they are looking good, then I would say it’s working, but they won’t grow to ten feet overnight, lol.

As for the reactor, it won’t hurt the plants to leave it at night.


I have only played with co2 once or twice and have found little benefit without it being a professional system with regulators and sealed space. Not to say it won’t have some effect on your ladies just didn’t sell me on it as much more than a novelty. If it doesn’t raise RH it can be left in space


I just make my own, a little baking soda& yeast & sugar, I don’t know the difference but my :seedling: love it…
Small box for them.


Thanks my friends i will try it and see how it works overnight. Will it matter my fans dont always run at night as my fans run same as my lights and rarely need to be used during lights out or what do you all think. I might run another thread on this matter alongside this ??? On another note the girls seem to be drooping down a little now as it comes to lights out and i have removed the co2 as it is pretty strong and am not feeling so well so i dont think i will be using this too much maybe for part of the day to boost co2 but i cant risk anything else so i think the safer option is to use it in small periods and maybe even reduce the size of the reactor to be able to use it in a way its like realesing a small amount at a time for how many times a day you see fit. I think i found what to do for this other thread. Anyway thanks for all your help my friends.


@M4ur can i ask you about your co2 recipe and why you use baking soda with the yeast and sugar please.


That’s a good question. I’m not sure what the baking soda does. Would it have something to do with ph?


@Mikos, yes bad weather but I am on the Cape so not so bad here! Thanks for asking! I just stay home when it’s bad outside…I have medical problems so don’t want to take a chance! Just dealing here too with the weather and longing for spring!


@Mikos…gorgeous! I will be growing again in March


@Mikos…maybe its just the pics but it looks like your leaves are curling downward! Check them out!


idk if i could wait that long @Kapelady


Thanks @Kapelady and what does curling downward leaves mean. Thy will be due a feed tomz and normally ive been feeding at lights off but i may need to feed my girls unless its because of the lights which i did raise after i saw that there may be a issue with being to close to the my lights. Whats your thoughts @Kapelady.