Second Grow Purple express


I don’t think I need to say it but MJ grows in hot places too and can be adapted to most climates


Yeah i know bob31 its driving me nuts the more i learn and know i findout there is even more. And am thinking this is liking the higher temps so i need to check. However when i ask any seed company or breeder for specific info cause of what country i am in they wont give me half the info i woyld get if i was in Canada or parts of USA which really gets to me. Anyway if anyone knows or can findout anymore info on PURPLE EXPRESS for me i would be very grateful. And a little pic from today didnt know my CCTv camera actually took pics for me wow if i had of know tht sooner lol any who here a little look at my temp and humidity aswell as the girls gettin into the pic too. My girls seem to look better when my temps are running 29 to 33degrees celcius. And am going to try the homemade co2 at some point and if it works then great if not no harm no foul. So here is hoping.

Theres some pics av just snapped before going bak to hospital for some scans. Anyway thought my fam would like to see them today. @bob31 @Nug-bug @M4ur @dbrn32 @Donaldj @Shuggz @Kapelady


Them are looking great… The girl from the last photo show signs of flowering :+1:


Yeah they both are spot on time they say 3.5 weeks aprox for veg with this auto which cuts out days weeks even last auto i had from the same breeder was ready from seed in 73days. Which breaks the 8wk tht most ppl have told me when it comes to flowering. I had a little peek today wen lights came and they both looking great however i still have to have a good check just to be sure they are upto 2l every 2nd atm and all seems great not even had any big issues since i have the basics covered so it does pay to learn and read up first. Although the breeder says this strain is ready in 55days from seed i am unsure that might be a little to short but the last strain i did said 65 to 70 days from seed and i harvested at 73 and it wasnt the best smell or tht but it was a decent potency considering the stuff i have been getting from others . This time i am going to watch the girls and go by them wen i have alit more amber tricomes this time. But if anyone can help with hints or tips to help frost up the buds etc even a step by step instruction on what to do to increase potency. And today i am going to make homemade co2 and see how the girls react. As there is just not enough proof either way so i think it will depend of the plant and its surrounding environment. It will be amazing if the girls are ready in such a short time however am just not too sure cause it suppose to take 8wks atleast for flower but i think sicence has interfeared with this more than we all think but also breeders exaggerate. However if it was a different item and not CANABIS for example if it was food and date said it was good for 2 days but lasted 1 we would complain on a more serious item we would or you could sue for watever reason for false advertisements. My point is this should could or would it mean the same as anything else that its against the law to say onething and it doesnt do what it says. So shouldnt that be the same for the breeders who put a specific time scale on there seeds rather than the approximate time scale. Anyway just a thought. Dont even know if this journal of mines even interest anyone since i do rant alot lol. @M4ur @Nug-bug @dbrn32 @Shuggz @Donaldj @bob31 @Kapelady.


I’m here always, but I’m not answering every time :joy:… If something is wrong I will tell you always :+1:
Nice job…


Looking good, hope you’re doing better too!


@Mikos…looking good! If I may ask what country do you live in?


@Mikos…journals are of use to all of us and to you too! You can always go back to one of your journals to make comparisons! Keep posting…we are here…just dealing with weather in our neck of the woods, etc.


United kingdom @Kapelady i hope your ok ive see and heard about alot of bad weather etc. My heart goes out to many in Parts of USA that are going throu so much right now it put life into perspective. And thank you its nice to hear.


A little update on my health atm still going back forward to hospital for more tests hopefully find out soon whats causing my difficulties in my legs etc. But al get there especially wen i have my girls to help me feel good.


Hope you feel better soon, Mikos . :hushed:


Thanks. Well i am actually feeling better but man what a busy week av been trying to get my homemade co2 up and running and each time av tried to sit down to make it visitors. But hey am doing it now . And see how if it ₩ or makes a difference. But is there a good time to give my girls it like feeding them either wen lights first come on or when they are due to go off. What is your views thoughts or experience. Am feeding them at just before lights out this time and its doing good. @dbrn32 @Nug-bug @Shuggz @bob31 @raustin @Donaldj


Glad to hear you’re feeling a little better.


No, babe, you want to feed C02 when lights go on, not off. Plants give off C02 at night when the lights are out. They use C02 in the daytime and give off oxygen. They won’t use any C02 in the dark.


Thanks hun @raustin al give them it tomorrow first thing then


Ya @raustin got you, I didn’t even catch that.


See i thought we breath in oxygen and out co2 and plants breath out oxygen and breath in co2 i didnt know they did tht. Anyway can you use molassus even wen ur are due to give a break from nutes as i day one and one. One day feed one day water. Av heard people saying they use molassess throughout there grow. ???


Yep, plants give off C02 at night. And be careful, I once almost suffocated myself using diy C02, lol. Really, it worked so well that it filled the room I was sitting in. Lol, good thing I noticed it was getting hard to breathe.

Sorry, I don’t know anything about using molasses though.


Ya you can use molasses throughout. There’s probably a ton of different ways to apply, all of them that could be justified as the right way for each individual.

I like to add some silica through transition period so I don’t use a lot of molasses during that period. Or if I need to boost some calmag or whatever that pushes my ppm’s I’ll hold of or reduce on the molasses.

I think it’s more of an art than a science, and that’s with nutes in general. People see a flashy label and think they need it, and then it turns out they’re adding similar items from two or three different bottles. Then they have really high ppm levels with excess of some things and are missing others.

So the best advice I can give is to look at what you’re trying to do and how you’re trying to do it. Molasses’ biggest function is going to be feeding the microorganisms in your soil. It should in return help fight salt build up and the soil healthy for your plants to do their thing. It also includes some micro and macro nutrients the plants themselves will use. You want to make sure it’s unsulfured molasses as well. But after that, just make sure you’re not doing the same thing with other bottles.


Thanks i am just trying to get 2 really good plants with as good a yeild as i can with what i have. And since i do alot of reading and reaserch on growing and there is so much on growing as a whole not to mention all the side subjects to do with lighting etc. Ive found that you can only learn and understand so much.