Second Grow Purple express


Thanks @raustin . I use a nutrients like yourself mine has certain part of its feeding schedule for roots etc. I think what they mean is you cant just add any type of nutes as they may cause issues and i get were what they mean as i had issues in my last grow but it was more to do with lack of information about nutriens. And i believe that alot of older grows not all but some might find this unshall because things change and sometimes they dont know about it or just dont trust advances in science. Now that is only my opinion and i like everyone to share there thoughts views even there experince with everyone on my topic. So thank you for adding tht as i have only came accross a select few that use nutes from start unless there using a certain way to grow tht requires you to do so. As you probaly already know. I hope i have not offended anyone with any of my remarks or posts as i do not intend to upset or offend anyone.


Good morning my loving grow fam how are we all today great i hope anyway just a little update all is looking good in my garden as most of you know been unwell and thus not been able to do as much work on my journal. As this is not all i do when i am doing this i keep track and note of everything so i also need to keep up to date with that aswell each day so once i get to the end if i get to the end of this project i can share what and how i do everything with everyone in my own quirky way lol. And incase all my close friends may be wondering how my treatment is going and as there isnt any worsening of my ilness there is no change in getting well hopefully it starts to get better soon thou. Anyway i am however i will be trying to atleast keep u all up to date with my grow with pics and as much information as i can each day when i can. Takecare everyone and grow in peace and remember my friends puff puff and puff again then maybe pass lol speak soon friends.


Some pics from yesterday and some new ones today.

Here are ones from today.

Not the best LST however it worked my way the last time so thats whats its all about finding your way and what works best for the grower. ?
Ok people views thoughts and opinion and your own preferences on. CO2 BOUGHT OR HOME MADE.?
2nd BlackStrape Molasses. What you think and do you or have you used it and would you recommend it. And how do you make or add it to your feed or plain ph’d water. And what amount would you use. @bob31 @AmnesiaHaze @Nug-bug @M4ur @Shuggz @garrigan65 @raustin @jusgettinby @neckNflu @dbrn32sorry if i forgotten anyone.

Am thinking of trying the homemade co2 as i have seen alot of posative videos and also some not so good so i am wanting any and all info on these 2 question i have asked today to my lovely adopted family. Anyway guys a small update for those who are wondering bak to hospital today more I.V thn see drs thn take it from there. Am starting to wish thy cut my leg off and be done with it. Anyway i be jammin. Al be fine. Well thats all for now my friends grow in peace.


I learned from @Donaldj a homemade CO2 generator is a bunch of baking soda in a large container with some vinegar :wink::mushroom:also mushrooms give off CO2 :volcano:


@Mikos positive cosmic thoughts for you today!

As for black strap molasses, I’ve had friends talk about it for over 40 years! I finally just gave my girls their 1st dose yesterday… 1 Tbsp:1 gallon water then pH’d to 6.5 every other watering. It’s supposed to help flower production so you should wait until their 2nd actual week of flowering and affects the overall sweetness of the eventual smoke. They certainly seem fine this morning! I also want to say I’m growing in soil, your pH needs may be different…



I would like to know about the circumstances to which, the black strap is actually beneficial.
My understanding is that with the regular store bought soil, and non-organic feeding practices that the needed microbes to break it down are not present.
Not knocking anyone’s method, just wanted to know if it is actually beneficial in the average fox farm soil while feeding with non organic nutes


@Nug-bug @Mikos I’m not clear on the actual biological/chemical transformations when using molasses in any medium quite frankly but I do know my growing friends over the past 45 years have sworn by it! Back then we didn’t have the specialty soils & mediums available today… @Donaldj @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 what’s y’alls opinion on the use of molasses?



Oh so the friends with the 45yrs experience was indoor grows.
Cool then I guess that should answer my inquiry
Indoor or outdoor in pots is what I meant


Homemade C02 is very easy to do. I prefer to use sugar, water and yeast, it smells better than the vinegar. There are hundreds of videos on how to do it. I use a 2 litter bottle with a 1/4" hole drilled into the cap, then stick some 1/4" tubing into the hole. Take a nail and poke small holes all over the tubing where you want the C02 to come out, and string it around your plants like Christmas lights. When you put the sugar water and yeast in the bottle you will get enough C02 to last about two weeks, then trade out the old bottle for a fresh one. It’s a very cheap and reliable way to produce C02.

Your girls are looking great. I think they could use a little water though. :blush:

And good luck at the hospital!


Molasses is a decent 1-2 time additive during mid to late bloom in soil because it boosts sugars for microbe activity adds sulfer mag and calcium but there are many sweeteners on the market which do same thing. Being sugar it can also draw bugs if used too often so a 1-2 time thing not every feed and never in DWC or hydro foams like crazy instead use raw cane sugar


You are right my friend they are due a drink my gorls are doing amazily better thn i thought guess its just a cautious parent lol @raustin. I have ordered some co2 bags to try anyway but i also will be trying the home version aswell as soon as i have enough information about it all as i dont want to rush into anything but i want to increase yeild but without increasing plant capacity. At the moment i only have enough space for 2 to 4 plants depending on the size of pots and what strain and type i grow. So i would rather have 2 large girls to look after than 4 smaller ones. If you saw my set up you would understand however if i can do it better this time round and i done ok av been told for my first ever grow of anything i might add and got 42g out of it and well i had 3 then but something went wrong and one was stunted and did ok and i was also playing about with mediums etc as i have a certain goal i am working towards so getting my basics sorted out and by the time i am happy with that i should know what i am doing.


I’ve never tried the C02 bags, but that should be all you need. You really don’t need much C02 for a small grow; I don’t use any supplement because my tent is in a room with people and we give off more than enough for a plant or two. Oh, I also talk and sing to my plants… a lot. That gives them all the C02 they need to stay happy. :hugs:


Glad to hear am not the only one that does that to there plants lol. Yeah the bag should do the trick but if i can boost yeild with anything that i can then figure out how to increase potency etc aswell then al be happy. I only want to have to do this once or twice a year if i can then i will be happy. But it will take me some time to be able to master what i want to and then learn to create something specific to our needs. As i am in this for my partner and to help them and myself with our health needs. But am loving every min of this adventure and meeting some wonderful people along the way. Which i am grateful for. Grow in peace my friend.


Yes @Nug-bug they were all indoor growers. My favorite was a guy who had 2 horses… he gathered up 10 gallons of manure, covered it & burped it daily. After a year he mixed it equal parts manure, sand and potting soil. He grew 3 6’ tall plants out of 5 gallon containers! It still smelled like shit for a while but then the smell of the plants took over! He was the 1st to introduce me to molasses.

I did get to play with an outdoor grow in the early 80s that was a lot of fun. I’m originally from Texas so growing seasons are much longer. A friend had 8 plants that were 13’-15’ tall and so big around that 5 men couldn’t touch trying to reach around them at harvest. I have no idea what the weight was, we were in the country… but I know my gift for helping was a big black trash bag full of bud! My friend smoked it into the mid-90s!!!


Do you or anyone you know ever grown purple express autoflower. Or is there anyone else on here that has could you pop up if you can theres a couple of questions i want to ask and i think ive stumbbled onto something it might be nothing or it might be something. But i need to speak to someone who has grown this type of strain.


I guess not well girls are doing all good today getting big i will be posting new pics at some point. If anyone has grown or knows more about this exact strain as i think it seems happier with a higher temp than my last strain however i thought tht 31 degrees celcius was the max temp but my girls seem happier when its warmer than 28 degrees . At first i thought it was my THERMOMETER but i tried 2 other ones and all with same results and i heard tht some strains like more heat etc than others and i know thers thousands of different strains in this day and age. Alot of ppl are still stuck with the old ways. But science and genetics have help make up newer strains which have shorter flowering times which i thought was or cant happen but i am unsure what to believe now. Any help.??? @Nug-bug @Donaldj @bob31 @Shuggz @M4ur @dbrn32


It’s good some strains especially sativa dominant can and will flourish in higher temps😎


@Mikos part of the problem is stabilizing the strains. There are so many different phenotype possibilities from one mother that trying to get those stable across hundreds/ thousands of mothers is a daunting task and takes a lot of time. And then of course you run the risk of overdoing the breeding and creating mutants.


No experience with that strain sorry. I do agree with the others though.


As long as your plants are doing well and seem to be enjoying the higher temps, then don’t worry about it. Now you know that this strain likes a higher temp, so just try to keep them happy with the temperature they thrive in. :blush: