Second Grow Purple express


Thanks for that my friend i have been looking for something like that thanks. But i think i know i remember from my last grow i was using different mediums and mixing them which made me remember the colour difference. My other girls were all diffrent even in colour all green just different shades. And i did have an issue with one of them so i had to flush her. Anyway so cause of tht i remember alot of what to look for. Which brings me back to the original question i asked can anyone notice anything and i found tht one in an un mixed soil straight from bag to pot. And my other girl was put in a mix of stuff i had from before got mixed both are good stuff in Europe from the write ups and comments all over the internet etc. Any the different mediums together make my girls alot darker and richer in colour however her growth has slowed or the other has now caught up. Whichever the reason as you will see both girls are looking lovely this morning i hope you all agree.

So my friends whats the verdict. @M4ur @Nug-bug @dbrn32 @Shuggz @garrigan65 @bob31 @Kapelady i also havent forgotten my other journal i am still waiting on the parts i need for the electronics just incase i need other bits so that i can try the space bucket. And i have found it difficult to get the 20l buckets unless you buy them however i can get an unlimited supply of 10l which i hope will do the job as good or better lol as the 20l however it means we will need more spacers. Anyway not giving away anymore on that just now. Just letting you all know that i havent forgotten about that. I am having to go into hospital for treatment for approx a week however i am not staying i couldnt do tht to my girls and intrust someone to care for them no thank you. That way its only me to blame or the plants but nobody else lol. Anyway hope all is well and a very happy new year to you all may 2018 be better for you all.


Your girls look great, real beauty’s!
Hope everything turns out at the dr’s.
Keep em green :sunglasses:


Thanks my friend am hoping they do too and am sure they will do ok especially since i have so many friends watch my back on this site that i know i should do just fine as long as i stick to the rules etc and all should be fine.


I second that, hope all turns out well! Plants doing great from what I can see.


Well guys got up today as am not well ryt now hospital yesterday and more today. Anyway enough tht worse one of my girls has me worried she looks as if she has a deficiency of wat i am unsure so i will be posting so true light pics a bit later for some opions i have my own thoughts that i will share. I personal have realised tht plants this one especially in a way is alot like a human since each one is different from each seed unless its a clone but we know a clone means a replica of the original. Anyway as i was saying they are alot like us in most ways air etc water light food. Now as with us you or i are different even when it comes to food now u might be able to eat more than i can and you might not be able to eat what i can because you cant eat it cause your alergic. So with plants unless they r clones tht is. When it comes to food plants are different aswell but with auto its more worrying cause u dont have time so what i found with my last grow is dont mess about figuring out whats wrong just flush with plain ph water depending on ur medium. 6.5 for soil and 5.8 for soiless. (Coco and clay pellets etc.) Thats soiless. So today if thats what the final verdict is then one of my girls will be getting flushed. But only once ive had a good look in actual day light but i think i will be right. And one of my girls is good with half strength nutes and one needs a little less but we will see by tomz am sure i will have found anything out and fixed it and spend a day getting more treatment. Anyway thanks my friends.


Hopefully you’re feeling better soon and can get lady feeling better too!


Thanks my friend @dbrn32


Goodmorning friends well as promised here are the pics i said i would take and looks pretty good i think. its just the strain she is. And under the leds she looks a bit different , on top of that i think the soil she is in aswell is making her lighter in colour than her sister seed. And along side her is a darker green one as you will see.

As you will see here is pics of the other one

Well whats the thoughts. In natural light they both look even better than i first thought. But thts why i did nothing until i am 110% sure. So let me know is it me or do they look even better with natural light and a good camera. Lol. @bob31 @garrigan65 @M4ur @dbrn32 @Shuggz @Kapelady @Nug-bug


They looking awesome man


Yes, they look awesome. Keep up the good work.


I think they look pretty good personally. If the one continues to lighten up there’s a handful of things that will cause them to do that. I would look at ph first, then probably moisture levels in the soil. That’s usually described as a nitrogen deficient state. So start with making sure the conditions are good for plant to consume the nitrogen and work from there.


Hey @Mikos, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having health issues. I hope you feel better soon & that you overcome whatever it is! I’m growing 2 ILGM Blueberry autos and they are different in almost every way. 1 is tall, open, lighter in color and has soft, supple leaves. The other has grown short, full, has dark green leaves that feel almost rubbery. I attribute these differences to phenotype… I would assume you have the same thing. Nothing to worry about, they look healthy! Be well.



@Mikos…they look great!


Thanks for all the posative feed back. @dbrn32 @Kapelady @Nug-bug @jusgettinby @neckNflu @Kapelady @bob31 @garrigan65 yeah they are and i think i was panicing this morning cause the treatment over the nxt 4days and hopefully all is well after this. Anyway grow in peace my friends


Did you start your feeding regimen? It looks like she is ready for food? How many sets of true leaves? I honestly feed when I get a sprout, a very very very small amount of food. (The potting soil I use has no nutes) they will starve in week 2 for me



Not true.
a seedling has enough food stored for it’s self tell she has 5 true sets of leafs.



@garrigan65 Yes your right on that aspect. Does it hurt them to give them extra food if you choose to do so?


If you do they run the risk of nutrient burn



I’m sorry, I just have to say something here. While it is true that seedlings don’t need added nutrients, there are some on the market specifically designed for growing strong root systems in seedlings. I use Foxfarm’s Dirty Dozen, which includes a seedling formula and I have never had a problem with nutrient burn. That said, you do need to be careful and follow directions of your own nutrient system. :blush:


I use fox farms nutrients as well @raustin thank you