Second Grow Purple express


Did you get a different heater going? I think they hold up pretty good to temporary spikes and drops in temp. You just wouldn’t want it to stay too hot or cold for long periods of time.


Agree with @dbrn32 don’t know the conversion but mine have been down to low 50s at lights off for a week now


Out of likes, as usual. I think it’s about 40f. Flirting with too cold, but I wouldn’t think a night would change much.


Nah, 40 is low but just one night won’t hurt her. Just make her a Lil tougher


Now i like the sounds of tht being a bit tougher. And my girls seem to being just fine i think but if i have missed anything that anyone can see please by all means dont hesitate to tell me. And thanks @dbrn32 & @Nug-bug and yeah i have the heating problem fixed. Was nothing but a practical joke from my other half which i might add isnt funny but point proven lol there way of say i care more for the girls than i do them. No i says they just give me less stress or should say takes it away and not give me it oh that didnt go down well. Anyway i do tend to spend alot of time in my spareroom chilling and enjoying peace a bit too much lol. Well my grow fam the end of 2017 is close and we are all going into the new year with new plans or grows starting or getting started for 2018. Myself i am doing a little experiment on a DIY project self watering spacebucket so if you are interested i will tag you in when i start it.


Still out of likes for 58 minutes. I think you’ll be looking good. Definitely tag me on that if you don’t mind


@Mikos…they look great so I wouldn’t worry as long as it doesn’t happen too often. As far as the joke, I would be pissed…you put in a lot of work for someone to sabotage!


@Kapelady the joke was on me my girls were fine the gauges on my thermometer were working. Wat they did was played a prank swaped over my spare one after they had it sitting outside so it dropped then put it on top fire so the temps went mad and then swaped my meters over before i did my checks. Sneaky but not cool. Anyway i got some pics to upload from today. And am happy to say they are looking good so far so good…

Thats week 2 starting soon or it is week 2 i must check.


Anyway guys my main worries are more severe atm thats all i will say is mother nature could mess this up so i am thinking of a genarator if i have to but not there yet anyway 10days old now the girls are doing good in my eyes or should they be bigger. ??? @Nug-bug @bob31 @Shuggz @M4ur @Kapelady @garrigan65


Well they’re creative, and smart enough to not actually put the girls in danger :sunglasses:
I have to admit I snickered a Lil when you explained
Still not cool



your plants are looking fine no worries



They look over aged… Healthy big plants! :+1:
Happy New Year!


@M4ur thanks for tht what makes you think that they are older looking mate as i am trying to gather information on growing so everything is important to myself…


@Mikos…not a good joke at all! Glad your plants look great!


now it might be hard to see but if you can tell me if you see what i see.??
now it might be nothing then again it might be more however rather have other opinions however i think tonight i will get some normal light pics so i can have a better look.


@Mikos…can you give a hint as to what we are supposed to be looking for? As far as I can tell your plant looks healthy


I was wondering if you all see the same lightening around one of the girls leafs in all the top ones now it may well be nothing. At first thought maybe a deficiency but now i just think thts her colour with a lighter shade of green. But i could just being paranoid thats all after my issue with my last grow. Anyway


Give her a closer inspection!


I have and am just not too sure i will get some natural lighting pics in a little while. And hopefully i have nothing to worry about. Plus pay day tomz so can get anything i need to get. But i think am just being paranoid android.


Ok then… When you have the chance do that…